Science Requires That the Vaccines Must Be Blamed if Healthy People “Die Suddenly” Afterwards

Image: Dr. Peter McCullough

One of the most remarkable suspensions of good science and common sense during COVID is the argument used by “fact checkers,” that correlation does not prove causation, if someone dies unexpectedly after receiving a COVID vaccine. As we witness an onslaught of sudden and statistically astronomically unlikely deaths of young people, non-COVID excess deaths in the US have skyrocketed, a story of the century not one in ten people know about.

People are dying of causes other than COVID. Lots of people, up to 40% in the latter part of 2021, most notably adults aged 18 – 49. One insurance company executive said even a 10% rise in excess deaths in the US would be a  “one-in-200-year catastrophe.” Yet the same media which previously hyped every possible COVID death two years ago maintains a graveyard silence over this ominous statistic, which kicked in exactly as the US reached its peak vaccination rate.  

Non-COVID excess deaths

But even absent the many autopsies by top pathologists who have concluded that the vaccines are directly responsible for many of the deaths, long-established science, which in essence encodes common sense, holds that any death or unusual side effect after a novel biological agent must, until further study proves otherwise, be put down to that agent.

Phase III clinical trials are not over for the Pfizer and Moderna products, which skipped the typical one to three years of animal safety trials before human trials began. The average time for bringing any new drug or vaccine to general use is 10 years.

The FDA regularly halts clinical trials after even a small number of non-background deaths in animal trials, and sends scientists back to the drawing board. The FDA does not need to prove causation. Similarly, in 1976, the Swine Flu vaccine program was shut down after only 25 unexplained deaths, after 40 million Americans had been vaccinated.

It’s not as if scientists have not long been warning of the precise disorders we are seeing now after the vaccines. The Wall Street Journal ran, in June 2021, a piece by doctors warning of “heart inflammation, especially for those under 30; deep-vein thrombosis; and death. “

Nor has there ever been any reason for an extraordinarily risky vaccine. Best estimates have held steady that COVID is a 99.8% recovery rate disease, similar to flu, striking down mostly the frail elderly, average age 80 at time of death, according to Stanford epidemiologist Dr. John Ioannadis. Common flu is 99.9%. Many doctors argue that had the safe drugs hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin not been suppressed, and had COVID patients not been transferred into nursing homes, COVID deaths might have amounted to a very bad flu season.

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Above chart source: Bloomberg News

Correlation is Causality in Science Unless You Have a Better Explanation

The Bradford Hill Criteria were established in 1965 by the English epidemiologist Sir Austin Bradford Hill, to provide epidemiologic evidence of a causal relationship between a presumed cause and an observed effect. The criteria merely breaks down, elegantly, a process for determining if Event A causes Event B following it. Does it happen a lot? Is there a lack of any other good explanations for Event B? Is Event A something new? Is there is a plausible mechanism for what is taking place?

In the case of death and debilitation following the COVID vaccines, Dr. Peter McCullough and other doctors and scientists argue, the answers are all yes. (See: Real Not Rare – a vaccine injury victim website)

COVID Vaccine-Injured Hold Rally in Los Angeles, Media Black-Out (More info)

Below: Epoch TV: 31,696 COVID Vaccine Death Claims Submitted to CDC’s Reporting System Since 2020: Triple All Other Vaccines Combined Over 30 Years  (View at Rumble)

But this makes complicated what should be simple. If you take something new that you have never taken before, and then are hurt or nearly die, you don’t take that thing again. Food allergists work on such assumptions all the time. Conversely, for decades the tobacco industry argued that there was no connection between smoking and lung cancer, using precisely the same argument ‘correlation does not equal causation.’

Even a rat, an alpha rat, lives longer than most of the other rats in the colony by observing if rats die after feeding from a particular food source. If the junior rats die, the alpha will not take the poisoned bait. No one can assure the rat that there is no causal link, or something now called SARDS – Sudden Adult Rat Death Syndrome. It gives pause to know that rats were here many millions of years before humans, and will be here millions of years after.

Hotly debated is the true number of deaths which may be presumed caused by the COVID mRNA injections. One paper published in the peer-reviewed Toxicology Reports in August of 2021 put the number in the “hundreds of thousands.” The paper was retracted by the publisher after pressure from many quarters. The authors nevertheless stand by their paper. (See “Anatomy of a Retraction.”)

Finally, asking the question “why?” cannot be avoided. If a great deception is in progress, what is the end goal? Former President George HW Bush official Catherine Austin Fitts explains, with great lucidity, how the elites, the wealthiest of whom are all associated through Blackrock, a private investment house handling the money of the richest families such as Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Bushes, nouveau Clintons, are preparing for a controlled collapse of the currency which will take place when Americans discover that their Social Security is gone. Looted over decades and papered over by excessive printing of the reserve currency.

Just coincidentally, the thieves who took it, and are laundering billions of it through Ukraine this very minute, are all invested in Blackrock. Which just happens to own Big Pharma and Big Media. (See: “Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You’ll Never Guess.”)

Economic collapse caused by decades of thievery and mismanagement will require a crackdown on freedoms to contain food riots, and usher in a new financial system. This will be a punitive, purely cashless “company store”-like credit system, in which the central bank can arbitrarily approve or disapprove transactions, based on “social behavior” criteria. For example, exit your “necessary travel zone” during a “climate alert,” and your money shuts off. This already exists in China.

But in order to have such a system, you need universal digital ID. And in order to have that, you must have coerced vaccination.

It is difficult for some to accept that previously trusted institutions are lying directly into your face 24/7about life-and-death matters, but a close study of the COVID narrative can lead to no other conclusion. One need only take a single, indisputable case in point to become convinced that the narrative is an edifice of lies. In 2020 the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sought to prove or disprove the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) against COVID, which many doctors around the world were using with great success.

But it was discovered by doctors studying the trial protocols that massive dosages were being given to test subjects which were almost guaranteed to do harm, and force the conclusion that HCQ was ineffective, or even dangerous, in treating COVID. Worse, the WHO was perfectly aware of this, having run studies to determine what were lethal dosages of HCQ in the past.

No one need take anyone’s word for this deception. The trials protocol dosages and the WHO studies on HCQ toxicity are publicly available for all to see. Now this same WHO, assisted by eternal media attack dog on “anti-vaxxers” Dr. Peter Hotez, is running an ad attacking all who decline to roll up their sleeves for Pfizer, Moderna, and Joe Biden a  “major killing force globally.”  In essence killers calling the unvaxxed killers.

Below: WHO attack ad on “anti-vaxxers” as a “major killing force globally”

The logic of shutting the door on cheap treatments for COVID is obvious. Cheap treatments mean no vaccine mandates. No vaccine mandates means no “vaccine passports.”

There may be no helping the present test subject “rats,” humans, who will always take bait offered with smiles and in urgent tones by those bent on rat genocide. As for the rest, the speed at which they understand and foil the attack by an ultra-rich cabal on humanity is vital. (See: “New US House Committee to End All COVID Mandates, Investigate Vaccines. Poll Shows 28% of Americans Know Someone Who Died from Vaccines“)

“The Vaccines Are Causing Death Bradford Hill Criteria for Cause of Death after COVID-19 Vaccination,” by Dr. Peter McCullough.

Dr. Peter McCullough explains Bradford Hill Causality and how “Beyond Any Shadow of a Doubt,” (view at Rumble)

Former President George HW Bush Official Explains Why Governments Want Universal Vaccine Passports. This is “The Great Reset.” (view at Rumble)

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: “They found the way to ‘Slow Kill’ people…they want 3.5 billion people off the planet” (Write-up at (view at Rumble)

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FDA Withholding Autopsy Results on People Who Died After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

Above image: FDA Commissioner Robert Califf

The FDA has refused a Freedom of Information Act request from a news organization, using a spurious excuse, according to an FDA advisor, that the reports would violate the medical privacy of the subjects.

Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate who advises the FDA as part of the Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee, said that the reports could be easily be released with personal information blacked out.

The Epoch Times reported on September 29, 2022:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is refusing to release the results of autopsies conducted on people who died after getting COVID-19 vaccines.

The FDA says it is barred from releasing medical files, but a drug safety advocate says that it could release the autopsies with personal information redacted.

The refusal was issued to The Epoch Times, which submitted a Freedom of Information Act for all autopsy reports obtained by the FDA concerning any deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System following COVID-19 vaccination.

Kim Witczak told the Times via email:

“The personal information could easily be redacted without losing the potential learnings from [the] autopsy….Autopsies can be an important part of postmortem analysis and should be done especially with increased deaths following COVID-19 vaccination,” 

The FDA refusal takes place after a number of pathologists in different countries have concluded firmly that the COVID vaccines, which are still in phase III adult clinical trials, are the direct cause of many of the unexpected deaths being reported post-vaccination, to databases such as the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS,) which was set up as an “early warning system that monitors the safety of vaccines after they are authorized or licensed for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The VAERS “early warning system,” the CDC’s words, was set up to indicate when the distribution of a drug must be terminated so that it can be studied further for safety issues.

To date the CDC’s VAERS has registered an unprecedented number of safety signals, including over 7,000% more deaths for the COVID vaccines than for all other vaccines combined, per year. For nearly 30 years since the system’s inception, about 200 deaths per year have been reported to VAERS for all vaccines combined. For COVID vaccines alone, over 30,000 deaths have been reported in just under two years.

(click for larger image below)

In September of 2021, two German pathologists, Professor Arne Burkhardt, MD, and Professor Walter Lang, MD, presented autopsy findings at a conference at the Pathological institute in Reutlingen, Germany, entitledCause of death after COVID-19 vaccination & Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines video below. The conference was the first of a series.

September 20th, 2021, Conference at Pathological institute in Reutlingen, Germany, “Cause of death after COVID-19 vaccination & Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines (view at Bitchute)

For the entire conference series and the work of other pathologists see “Autopsies Show Direct Causal Link Between Unexpected Deaths and COVID Vaccines.”

 The COVID vaccines are unprecedented for bypassing the normal one to three years of animal safety trials in vaccine and drug development which are typical before a new drug ever enters a human, in human clinical trials. The average time for bringing any new drug or vaccine to general use is 10 years.

Phase III adult clinical trials for both the Pfizer and Moderna injections are still ongoing. Moderna’s data is scheduled to be complete in December 2022, and Pfizer’s in February 2024. As such, both drugs are still in experimental stages. FDA authorization of a novel drug before clinical trials are complete is unprecedented.

Below: Cover sheet for Pfizer adult clinical trials protocol submitted to FDA, “Study to Describe the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals”

The current commissioner of the FDA is Robert Califf, first nominated and confirmed under Obama in 2015, then again in 2021 under Biden. Califf’s ties to the pharmaceuticals industry caused Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders to vote against his 2021 renomination.

According to The Hill, Califf owns millions of dollars of stock in drug companies. High FDA officials are also allowed to owns parts of patents on the very drugs they are charged with regulating, and can keep up to $150,000 per year in royalties, for life.

The Epoch Times reported on September 22, 2021, on the first pathology conference at the Pathological institute in Reutlingen (click on Google translate from German to English):

“The doctors suspect autoimmune phenomena, reduction in immune capacity, acceleration of cancer growth, vascular damage “endothelitis”, vasculitis, perivasculitis and erythrocyte “clumping” as further corona vaccination side effects with potential fatal consequences…Burkhardt described it as “extreme” that among the ten deceased examined, three very rare autoimmune diseases were found, namely Sjögren’s syndrome, leukoclasic vasculitis of the skin and Hashimoto’s disease.”

Dr. Arne Burkhardt has taught at the Universities of Hamburg, Berne and Tübingen, and has published more than 150 scientific articles in German and international scientific journals. Burkhardt has audited and certified institutes of pathology in Germany.

For perspective, the issue of pharmaceuticals companies and the FDA hiding data is a sore spot with some people like former Blackrock investment guru Ed Dowd, who says that the moment data is hidden the worst must be assumed by the responsible investment manager exercising “due diligence” (video below.)

The FDA receives 45% of its budget from the pharmaceuticals companies it regulates.

 Interview: Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Ed Dowd on Vaccine Deaths and Pfizer Safety Trials Fraud (view at Kristi Leigh channel on Rumble)



Feature: Non-Partisan Guide to What You Can do to Prevent Election Fraud in November: Demand Full Local Signature-Matching of Mail-In Ballots, with Observers Present


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