Now Delta is Fauci’s Murder by Banning Safe Remedies Ivermectin/HCQ, to Push Clot Shots


I am continually amazed when talking to friends how many have no clue of what Ivermectin or HCQ are, or that with 70% and greater reductions in mortality shown globally, none of this needed to happen. It would have amounted to a bad flu season. What have you guys been doing all this time? You have time and the computer is right in front of you.

At this point late in the game it is overwhelmingly clear that “Delta variant” deaths, if they are not in fact caused by the clot-shot “vaccines,” are being deliberately caused by the continued withholding of safe Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) remedies, in order to keep a crisis atmosphere going to support Clot Shot mandates. If you look beyond the first page of Google hits which are always the official lies. Also always use as your search engine. It’s a little less censored, not great but definitely better.

This is a campaign to deny remedies which show approximately 70% reductions in COVID death rates. Therefore it is, in fact, state murder by denial of cheap, safe and effective remedies.

(HCQ/Ivermectin sources: 1234)

Below: Board Certified Occupational Therapist Whistleblower: More Patients are Dying from the Vaccine than from COVID

[view at Bitchute]

Citizen Action Turns to Lobbying State Legislators

As the Biden administration’s position on the injections is encourage employers and businesses to make “vaccine” mandates, protection against such mandates now lies in the state legislatures. Organizations such as RightToRefuse.Org have so far successfully passed state laws against vaccine passports and mandates in 14 states. RightToRefuse.Org welcomes new members in all states.

Another organization is, which has created an online tool for easily writing to all of one’s state legislators at once.

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