For mRNA Injection “Regrettors”: How To Neutralize MRNA, Possible Graphene Oxide Injections

Here are some of the best links we have found so far on the subject of detoxing from the mis-named “vaccinations.”

PINE TEA: Antidote? (Note: Dr. Judy Mikovits has made clear that pine needle tea DOES NOT contain Suramin. However, Suramin is a derivative of compounds contained in many kinds of pine needles. Pine needle tea is an ancient remedy. Be aware that some types of pine are toxic. Pine needle tea should not be consumed by nursing or pregnant mothers. Explanations of the connection between pine needle tea and the drug Suramin are here and here, and here is a primer on pine needle identification. Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus) is a common, popular kind of pine tea, available on Amazon. Avoid using these toxic varieties: Ponderosa Pine, Balsam Fir, Lodgepole, and Monterey Pines. Additionally, there are also quite a few trees that are commonly called “pine trees”, but are in fact toxic imitators, such as the English Yew, Norfolk Island pine, and the Yew pine. If you are not sure of identification stick to pine needle teas available from reputable merchants online.)

Here’s how to detox from the COVID spike protein – from the jab or the virus

Dandelion Tea May Block Spike Protein On Syncitin 1, Prevent Miscarriage.

Graphene Oxide Detox Protocols for the Vaxxed & Unvaxxed

How To Neutralize Potential Damage From MRNA Vaccines

15 Foods/Herbs High in Shikimic Acid to Help Disable Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide

Info Please…

COVID19 recovery rate: 99.8% overall

Above Source: KUSI San Diego

Above chart source: Bloomberg News

Photo Op…

The elite continues its “This is real, put on your mask, peasant” skit. Reporting from Anthony Dewitt, NY Democrat party Sept. 11, more “Rules are for thee but not for me” (below)

Pelosi, AOC and other Democratic pols yucking it up with no masks before the cameras show…

After the cameras show up. Credit: Anthony Dewitt

More Important Reading:

From ‘Two Weeks to Slow the Spread’: The Australian Quarantine Camps (New York Times)

Mayo Clinic-Trained Pathologist Explains How Spike Protein “Vaccine” Injections Are Killing Us. URGENT.

Biden Video Shows Sex Assault Nipple-Pinch of Little Girl, in Alleged Victim Post on Tik Tok


Why Did Fauci Give Funds to the People’s Liberation Army?

Fauci Murders by Banning Safe Remedies Ivermectin/HCQ, to Push Clot-Shots

French Storm Shopping Center and Refuse to Show Proof of mRNA Injections (“Vaccines”)

Ron Paul Exposes Bill Gates and the “Great Reset

Former Chief Science Office and VP at Pfizer to FDA: “You reckless idiots!” Do NOT Take so-called “Vaccines”

Former Chief Science Officer at Pfizer Says He Fears “Massive Depopulation” Through Mass ‘Vaccinations’

Two-year-old baby dies week after 2nd shot in COVID Pfizer trials, no cause given, CDC pulls report

Two Top FDA Vaccine Scientists Resign Amid Concern Over “Boosters”

Bill Gates Funded the Professor Who Created “Lockdown” Theory Used to Justify Police State

Putin Bans Employer-Mandated COVID Vaccination, Russia More Free Than U.S. Now

57 Top Scientists Explain How Future Vaccine Deaths May Be Indistinguishable From COVID Deaths

Montana Bans Employer COVID Vaccine Mandates

South Australia Drops Vaccine Requirement for Truckers in Wake of Protests, Freight Delays

Pfizer and Moderna Warn That “Many” People “Should NOT Get” the Shots, Under Any Circumstances

Data Shows No Excess Deaths From All Causes Globally in 2020, Pandemic Mostly in US and Small Number of Countries

South Africa Approves Ivermectin; Peer-Reviewed Study Says Can End COVID

Indian States Hardest Hit By COVID Have Highest Vaccinations; Scientists Have Sterility Concerns

Israelis File Crimes Against Humanity Lawsuit Over Mandated Pfizer COVID Shots, Cite Nuremberg Code

Health Authorities Silent on Damage to Lungs Caused by Graphene in Masks

What you are not being told

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