DHS Training Program Prepares For Rural Lockdowns, Mass Quarantines Against Clot Shot Refusers

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Above chart source: Bloomberg News

An official training subcontractor for the DHS and FEMA has put up a bulletin on a training program entitled “ISOLATION & QUARANTINE FOR RURAL COMMUNITIES.” The Biden administration has decried the low COVID vaccination rates in southern and rural America.

The course description reads:

This 8.0-hour, instructor-led course is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to begin planning for situations requiring the isolation and quarantine (I&Q) of a large portion of a local, rural population. This training will provide public- and private-sector emergency managers, community policy makers, public health, and public safety personnel with the general knowledge necessary to begin planning for situations requiring the isolation and quarantine of a large portion of a local, rural population.”

“Public safety” personnel is generally taken to mean police. The training provider is the Center for Rural Development based in Somerset, KY.

The description continues:

A rural community’s ability to collectively respond to an emergency requiring isolation and quarantine is not only essential to minimizing the negative impacts to the community at risk, but also to minimizing the long-term negative economic and health effects on the American public as a whole…”

Meanwhile, most state legislatures, where laws can be passed to block such egregious violations of rights, sit on their hands, although one Florida state representative has said he will file legislation to have vaccine door-knockers arrested.

The announcement takes place as the Biden administration announces plans to go door-to-door in order to “encourage” people to take experimental COVID injections, which still have until late 2022 and late 2023 in their clinical trial protocols filed with the FDA. Nevertheless, a leak obtained by the Army Times indicates that Biden plans to authorize the shots for general, non-emergency use this September.

Many believe that this will be the signal for a wave of employer and other mandates for the COVID drugs, regardless of voluminous safety concerns, lack of long-term safety data, and individual judgements of personal risk. This will inevitably be followed by an increasingly sophisticated system of centralized digital ID in the name of public health.

[Pfizer clinical trials protocol submitted to FDA, last into 2022] [Moderna clinical trials protocol submitted to FDA, last into 2023]

Below: Image from DHS/FEMA training course website

Below: Normal human clinical trials duration before FDA approval, tutorial from Pfizer website, absolute minimum 2+ years, does not include typical 3 to 6 years animal trials (source: Pfizer)

The Department of Homeland Security announcement comes as:

 The Indian Bar Association (IBA) has sued WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by lying to them about Ivermectin.  Like Anthony Fauci and the FDA, Swaminathan said, oversaw, or implied strongly that Ivermectin was ineffective. However, a review of the 62 known studies on the efficacy of Ivermectin, 37 of them peer-reviewed, showed a 64% decease in mortality for early interventions.

 If a trial in India finds Dr. Swaminathan guilty, then the WHO Scientist could be sentenced to death or life in prison. See: The Criminal Case Against Fauci, Indian Court Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist to Death for Ivermectin Lies

The official NIH position on Ivermectin is:  “The COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel recommends against the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, except in a clinical trial.” 

A doctors’ organization reports that In Mexico, recent widespread giveaways of Ivermectin by the government in Chiapas has resulted in COVID deaths all but disappearing, including “variants.” A peer-reviewed study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics found that “Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin.”

Deaths reported to the CDC’s  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system, VAERS, which were possibly caused by the Pfizer/Moderna injections, have gone over 9,000, with debilitating injuries possibly in the millions, or almost 1% of injections, depending on which under-reporting factor is accepted. One Harvard-Pilgrim study estimates only 1% of adverse events are reported. The number of reported possible COVID vaccine deaths is now over the number of deaths reported for all other vaccines combined, over 20 years of reporting . (Possibly-linked COVID vaccine deaths through April 2021, number now higher.)

In the Wall Street Journal, two eminent scientists wrote that COVID vaccine risks now include heart inflammation (possible long-term,) thrombosis (blood clots,) and “death.” In their Wall Street Journal article, doctors Ladapo and Risch, the latter an eminent Yale epidemiologist, link to a petition and studies citing “concerns” over “reduced fertility, miscarriages, and preterm births.” 

The banning of masks in Canada with graphene in them, also worn in the US, due to cellular lung damage over the long term, as US health authorities remain indifferent, proves that health is not the rationale behind US government policies.

US Senator Ron Johnson has highlighted censored vaccine injuries and deaths, in a panel convened last month. Many are bizarre and horrific. Many seem neurological, and are debilitating. A woman says that her skin, over her whole body, feels numb, tingling, and like fire. “This is my life 24/7” she said tearfully. See: “Horrific Injuries Described by Pfizer/Moderna Trials Volunteers, as Biden to Make Shots Mandatory for Military

Below: Serious Vaccine Injury Testimony, Panel Held by US Senator Ron JohnsonJune 22 (view at Bitchute)

Below: Archive of private Facebook group for COVID “vaccine” victims and families (PDF file, 250 MB)

–-  One-third of deaths reported to CDC after COVID injections occurred within 48 hours, in one large sample.

The inventor of the mRNA technology has said, on the Tucker Carlson Show, that he now believes that, for young adults, the risks of the shots outweigh the benefits. Dr. Robert Malone has also said that a grave mistake was made by cutting short animal trials from the normal three to six years, and that due to unexpected behavior of the drugs revealed in a recent Japanese study, people who have taken drugs are in long-term “danger.”

Summary of Dr. Malone June 2021 Interview by Discernable (view at Bitchute)

Inventor of mRNA Dr. Robert Malone, Full Interview (view at Bitchute)

A former Chief Science Officer and VP for Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, has highlighted what many doctors and scientists are saying, that governments and the medical establishment are telling “demonstrable” lies, on subjects such as Ivermectin, variants, vaccines, remedies, herd immunity, and the origin of COVID.

This year, the entire major media and medical establishment was exposed after a year-long attack on scientists who said COVID was man-made in China, some saying with the help of funding approved by Tony Fauci at the NIH. Publications with the stature of Scientific American were enlisted in the smear campaign, which never addressed science but merely put forth that believers of this theory were somehow psychologically lacking.

The thuggish, unscientific nature of the opponents of the man-made theory was shown when former CDC Director Robert Redfield, after looking hard at science, supported the man-made theory. He promptly received deaths threats from other scientists, according to an interview in The Hill.

In the same article, Scientific American also attacked as “myths” that COVID’s death rate was similar to flu, which has long been confirmed and even suggested by Anthony Fauci, that masks don’t work, and the crazy notion that “wealthy elites are using the virus to profit from vaccines.”

On variants, Dr. Yeadon, who headed the respiratory illnesses research division at Pfizer, says:

 “based on all of the variants that are in the public domain, 4000 or so of them, none of them are going to…[become more dangerous]…Nevertheless, politicians and health advisers (to loads of governments) are saying that they are. They’re lying. Well, why would you do that?”

Puzzled by what he says is a relentless campaign of lies, Dr. Yeadon says he can only conclude that governments are bent on “mass murder.”

Below: Former Chief Science Officer and VP at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, says present COVID shots are “mass murder” (view at Bitchute)

Doctors and scientist express outrage at what they say are repeated falsehoods about herd immunity, such as Dr. Fauci’s claim that 90% of the population would need to receive the mRNA injections in order to attain herd immunity. But even according to mainstream Newsweek, significant herd immunity begins at 40% of the population infected and recovered, or vaccinated.

Estimated R0 and HITs (herd immunity threshold) of well-known infectious diseases (Source)

Dr. Marty Makary, a professor and surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, believes America has reached herd immunity because about half of the population have gotten “natural immunity due to prior infection…”  Dr. Makary believes that about 85% of the American population are now immune to COVID-19.

Censored COVID “Vaccine” Adverse Events Facebook Page, Posts (view at Bitchute)

Crippling COVID Experimental Vaccine Reactions – Video   (View at Bitchute)

In December, British health officials warned people with food allergies not to take the  Pfizer experimental vaccine injection.   The advice applied to “any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicines or food.” The health authority warned of “anaphylactoid reactions.”

In December, Dr. Yeadon and a German physician, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, called for a halt to all mass vaccinations and human clinical trials of the Pfizer and Moderna injections, based on safety concerns.  

Multiple groups of doctors and scientists have also called for a halt to the human experimentation, which based on short-term human trials last year, is being called “safe and effective.”  The average time for bringing any new drug or vaccine to market is 10 years, including 3 to 6 years of animal trials.   (Links to doctors’ calls for halts, partial list: 1234.)

A meticulously sourced documentary which shows the depths of corruption in the medical and science establishment, which depends on Big Pharma for grants, is ‘“The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine” (below.)

Who Are “They?” Other Stunning Coincidences

As the Biden administration now prepares an official DHS training course in mass round-ups, two other questions must be asked: Who is behind it, and how do we stop it? To take the second question first, assuming the US Congress is hopelessly corrupt, power lies in state legislatures, which can oppose the federal government under our federalist system.

In Florida state representative and U.S. House candidate Anthony Sabatini (R) has said he will file legislation banning door-to-door invasions of medical privacy, which are governed by HIPAA laws. Sabatini says he will seek to have such workers arrested.

National Health Freedom Action has made it easy to write to your state legislators in any state, with a convenient online tool. The citizens’ organization Right to Refuse tracks anti-coerced COVID vaccine legislation and makes it easy for citizens to get involved.

As for the “whys” of the relentless campaign of lies and assaults on liberties, some facts bear deeper investigation:

  • Tony Fauci has already, in years past, sung the praises of a vaccine as safe and effective with side effects which are “very, very, very rare,” before the drug was found to have the serious side-effect of miscarriages.  In 2010 Fauci pushed the vaccine for the H1N1 flu. Now the science website Statnews.com reports that:

    “women who had a miscarriage were twice as likely to have been vaccinated within the previous 28 days as women with full-term pregnancies. An additional analysis showed that women who had a miscarriage were almost eight times more likely to have been vaccinated with H1N1-containing vaccines….”

  • In April Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook deleted a 120,000 member group devoted to discussing COVID injection adverse events. For a partial list of news reports on possible vaccine-related injuries or deaths go here.

  • Drug trials in humans are usually halted upon 25 to 50 unexplained deaths, such as the swine flu vaccine program in 1976 in the US, which was administered to 40 million Americans, 25% of the population. It was halted after 25 possibly related deaths, even without causal links being shown. 

  • Bill Gates, who is heavily invested in digital ID technology, i.e. “vaccine passports,” which he has said will someday be needed, is the richest and most powerful pusher of a regular, never-ending universal vaccination system, at least for the masses, who do not travel on private jets or frequent private clubs.   To help run his GAVI Alliance, in 2010 Gates tapped Anthony Fauci, an expert in suppressing safe, cheap remedies for diseases while far more profitable vaccines can be developed and made mandatory.
  • Coincidentally, behind the most well-known “fact check” websites  such as PolitiFact.com and FactCheck.org, is Bill Gates money, through their parent organizations such as the Poynter Institute, and the Annenberg Foundation, respectively.

  • Also coincidentally, Gates is behind the Imperial College professor who invented the “lockdown” theory, which has been thoroughly discredited as there is no correlation between the presence or severity of lockdwns and COVID death rates.  The professor, Neil Ferguson, released the paper last in March 2020 entitled “Report 9 – Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand.”  Gates gave Ferguson and his MCR Centre for Global and Infectious Diseases $8 million last March and April.  

  • The FDA, which declares when vaccines are “safe,” owes half its annual budget to the pharmaceuticals industry.

  •  The World Health Organization, which guides pandemic response from policy on remedies such as Ivermectin to COVID testing, receives 10% to 13% of its funding, as much as the entire US donation, from one man, Bill Gates

  • More studies continue to emerge that  hydroxychloroquine has been badly maligned by the medical establishment, and could have cut COVID mortality rates by up to 70% (see sources at this blog.)

  • After over 100 million Americans have been vaccinated, the CDC has quietly lowered the sensitivity of COVID tests to detects fewer “cases,” this reducing the number of “breakthrough” cases showing the injections are ineffective.

  • Two investment companies, Vanguard Group and Blackrock, own most of the major media in the US, and are controlled by a small number of families including the Rockfellers, the Bushes, and Lynn Rothschild. The major media has played an indispensable role in driving the present pro-lockdown-and-mask, no remedies, pro-experimental vaccine, vaccine passport COVID narrative.

  • Worldwide, data shows there have been no “excess deaths” overall on global terms, that is, any more deaths than would have been expected in ordinary times.  That does not mean there were no excess deaths anywhere.  With only 4% of the world’s population, the US, with one of the most advanced medical infrastructures in the world, suffered 16% of the deaths attributed to COVID as of June 2021. About 20% of those, according to a University of Virginia-Yale study, can be attributed to the effects of lockdowns, such as deferred medical care and “deaths of despair” such as opioid overdoses and suicides.  Many more can be attributed to the suppression of the safe use of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

The “Great Reset?” Or the Great Rejection of the Great Reset?

Former presidential candidate and US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and many other observers have warned that the ultra-wealthy elite means no good to the ordinary person with changes planned.

Dr. Paul wrote on January 4th in “Oppression… The ‘Great Reset’ is about Expanding Government Power and Suppressing Liberty,”

“World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has proposed using the overreaction to coronavirus to launch a worldwide “Great Reset.” This Great Reset is about expanding government power and suppressing liberty worldwide…The Great Reset will dramatically expand the surveillance state via real-time tracking. It will also mandate that people receive digital certificates in order to travel and even technology implanted in their bodies to monitor them.”

Gates Seems to Have Knowledge of a Coming Genocide

Like Fauci, Bill Gates, who is not a scientist and did not graduate from college, has a knack for predicting pandemics, saying in 2018, ” if history has taught us anything, it’s that there will be another deadly global pandemic.” In 2017 Fauci said with great certainty that there was “No doubt” Trump would face a surprise infectious disease outbreak.

Given the near certainty now that the virus was man-made, and that Fauci played no small part in funding the gain-of-function research which makes viruses more transmittable, it might behoove the world to ask Fauci if his prescience was informed by inside knowledge, on a witness stand.

Gates for his part keeps making predictions, and in December spoke as if COVID was just a dress rehearsal. Gates said, with a smirk, that there will be another pandemic, which “this time,” “WILL get attention.”

Bill Gates in documentary: The next pandemic “WILL get attention.”   (View Clip on Bitchute)     (Full documentary on Gates)   


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