Doctor Says mRNA COVID Shot Animal Trials Were Halted Because Animals Were Dying


Breaking: Pathologists Say Autopsies Of Vaccinated Show 40% of Deaths Due to Vaccines


A medical doctor in a Texas State Senate committee hearing testified that the reason that animal trials of Pfizer/Moderna mRNA injections had been stopped was that too many animals were dying. The doctor, Dr. Angelina Farella, is a 25-year pediatrician based in Houston.

NIH documents now show that dangerous gain-of-function research banned in US labs was outsourced to the Wuhan lab with Dr. Fauci’s approval, prompting some to now call it the “Fauci virus.” The virus has been the impetus behind the massive campaign to indiscriminately give almost every person on the planet the mRNA injections, although long-term effects have never been studied.

[Full Committee hearing, Texas Senate website]

Although the original clinical trials protocols submitted to the FDA by Moderna and Pfizer call for rigorous, closely monitored trials lasting late into 2022 and 2023, FDA “emergency use authorization” has allowed the novel mRNA biological agents, never before approved for market use on humans, to be administered widely to anyone without pre-screening or systematic follow-up.

According to the medical research consultant Antidote, which specializes in clinical trials, typically a drug or treatment undergoes three to six years of in vitro studies and animal trials, largely for safety, before moving on to humans. In “How long do clinical trial phases take?” Antodote writes:

“Before a potential treatment reaches the clinical trial stage, scientists research ideas in what is called the discovery phase. This step can take from three to six years. Typically, researchers will test a potential new treatment in animals before moving on to the first stage of clinical testing in humans.”

In her testimony, Dr. Farella is questioned by Texas State Senator Bob Hall, who asks:

“Has there been another vaccine that had the high incidents of serious hospitalizations and deaths that this vaccine is now showing?

Dr. Farella: “Not to this extent. Not even close.”

Sen. Hall: “Any other vaccine would’ve been pulled from the market?”

Dr. Farella: “Absolutely.”

Sen. Hall: “Have you seen any other vaccine that was put out to the public that skipped the animal test?”

Dr. Farella: “Never before.”

Sen. Hall: “As I have read, they actually started the animal tests, and because the animals were dying, they stopped the tests.”

Dr. Farella: “Correct.”

It is not clear where Dr. Farella is getting her information. But it is clear that animal trials for the Pfizer and Moderna injections were halted in the Fall of 2020, even though much valuable information concerning long-term side effects is only gained though the normal three to six years of animal trials. Why these would be halted is a mystery.

The average time for bringing any new drug or vaccine to market is 10 years.


Breaking: Pathologists Say Autopsies Of Vaccinated Show 40% of Deaths Due to Vaccines

TAKE ACTION: 27 States Now to Ban Vaccine Mandates


There are now over 500,000 “adverse events” entered into the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, (VAERS,) including 12,000 deaths, 41,000 hospitalizations, 13,000 permanent disabilities, 11,000 “life threatening,” and 300 birth defects. One-third of the deaths occurred within 48 hours, in one large sample. Although the pharma companies deny any causal relation, requests for medical reports and autopsies to confirm this have been ignored.

There are now more deaths possibly caused by the mRNA injections than for all other vaccines combined, since the reporting system began in 1990. 

Below: Reported possibly linked COVID vaccine deaths compared to previous possible vaccine death reports, through May 1st. 2021, red bar now over 12,000 (source)(click for larger image)

In 1976 the Swine Flu vaccine program in the US, which was administered to 40 million Americans, 25% of the population, was halted after 25 possibly related deaths.

Animal Trials Halted in November, Human Trials Supposed to Last into late 2022

Last November 9th PETA, the animal rights organization, hinted that “lengthy” animal trials had been done away with. Its chief scientist wrote in a press release applauding a Pfizer announcement:

“The message for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is clear: Improve vaccine research by removing the requirement for lengthy animal trials.”

In June, unreported in the media except for a short segment on Tucker Carlson, the scientist who invented the mRNA technology on which both the Pfizer and Moderna shots are based, Dr. Robert Malone, expressed grave concerns over the safety of the Pfizer and Moderna products. And last month, an eminent immunologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, made another of many calls by doctors and scientists for mass vaccinations to be halted, as a result of new evidence that the “spike proteins” in the mRNA agents were not behaving as predicted, and were circulating throughout the body causing potential, future organ damage.

Dr. Malone contends that the FDA has known about these problems all along.  (Links on Dr. Malone: 123)

Below: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi professor emeritus of the University of Mainz, 2001 Aronson Prize for achievements in microbiology and immunology (view at Bitchute)

Summary of Dr. Malone June 2021 Interview by Discernable (view at Bitchute) (Full 3-Hour Interview view at Bitchute) (Rush Transcript of full interview)

Then on November 17th, Reuters wrote in a cheerleading piece for Pfizer and Moderna, “How two companies sprinted ahead in extraordinary race for a COVID vaccine.” The article said:

“Both companies recognized that mRNA vaccines work very differently in animals compared to humans. For that reason, after doing preliminary animal studies to ensure vaccine candidates were safe, they pared back additional animal studies…”

A November 25, 2020 AP “Fact Check” dealing with animal trials for the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA injections addresses an assertion that “Pfizer and Moderna did not skip animal trials.”

The “Fact Check” reads:

“Posts online appeared to suggest that the animal trial phase was skipped completely when testing the two vaccines. “

Typically of such fact-checks, the proposition is misrepresented, then easily disproven. The proposition is misrepresented as that animal trials were “skipped completely.” But the real issue is whether they were drastically cut short, especially for a novel, never-approved technology.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna shots have two full years of clinical trials scheduled into their protocols which were submitted to the FDA, lasting well into 2022. This means that any attempt by the FDA to grant general approval before that, beyond emergency use authorization, would be in violation of the safety protocols that the FDA itself approved.

  Moderna’s Chief Science Officer Tal Zak openly admitted that the injection skipped normal years of animal trials when he said:

 “I don’t think proving this in an animal model is on the critical path to getting this to a clinical trial,”

According to a study of the Pfizer animal trials by Dr. Valerie Donaldson, a Pittsburgh internist, Pfizer animal trials consisted of 18 macaques and 24 mice, for 56 and 28 days, respectively.

Documents: [Pfizer protocol submitted to FDA] [Moderna protocol submitted to FDA]

Below: Page from Pfizer clinical trials protocol submitted to FDA, showing two-year safety and efficacy trials lasting into 2022. Source

Click for larger image

mRNA Technology and Coronavirus Vaccines in Have Always Been Problematic

Moderna has admitted that young children are now, in essence, test subjects for substances for which long-term safety is unknown. In a stomach-churning report this March which met with no outrage from moral or ethical leaders, Reuters reported matter-of-factly:

“Moderna Inc has begun dosing patients in a mid-to-late stage study of its Covid-19 vaccine, mRNA-1273, in children aged six months to less than 12 years, the company said on Tuesday. The study will assess the safety and effectiveness of two doses of mRNA-1273 given 28 days apart and intends to enroll about 6,750 children in the United States and Canada.”

Children, and indeed most adults, have a lesser chance of dying of COVID than of flu. mRNA injections are a complete unknown in the long -run.

Below: COVID is Not Very Deadly Relative to Other Viruses source: Bloomberg News

mRNA agents given to people with autoimmune issues has also been a problem. A December 2020 article in MedPage Today relates:

“A possible concern could be that some mRNA-based vaccine platforms induce potent type I interferon responses, which have been associated not only with inflammation but also potentially with autoimmunity…Thus, identification of individuals at an increased risk of autoimmune reactions before mRNA vaccination may allow reasonable precautions to be taken.”

In December, British health officials warned people with food allergies not to take the  Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 experimental vaccine injection.   The advice applied to “any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicines or food.”

The health authority warned of “anaphylactoid reactions.”

CBS News reported in December:

“England’s National Health Service warned on Wednesday that people “with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicine or food” should not be given the COVID-19 vaccine developed by U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Germany’s BioTech.”

Incredibly, no pre-screening is done in the present mass mRNA injection roll-out, and rewards like boxes of donuts are handed out to all-comers, no questions asked.

In a February 2021 interview, Dr. Lee Merritt, a member of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLD,) said that upon deliberate reinfection after a time with coronaviruses, most mRNA test animals died of sepsis and organ failure (below.)

Underscoring divisions in the medical community, offices such as McGill University’s Office for Science and Society attack Dr. Merritt and AFLD for things such as “a sordid history of attacking Dr. Fauci’s sound scientific advice,” in an insult-filled rant.

Meanwhile, contrary to the FDA’s and Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Pharma assertions that the “Pfizer” and “Moderna” are safe, a University of Pennsylvania Medical Center paper concludes, in December 2020, that:

“Direct evidence on the comparative safety of mRNA vaccines and other vaccines is lacking.”

Just two of the more prominent calls for a halt to mass “vaccinations” (a term the doctors dispute is accurate) are here, and here.

Even before mRNA technology, coronavirus vaccine development has always been problematic.

The biotech industry newsletter Biopharma Dive writes: 

“There has never been a vaccine for any coronavirus. And many vaccine developers have based their designs on previous research into other coronaviruses, like SARS or MERS, which share genetic similarities with SARS-CoV-2, but differences as well. Much still remains unknown about the novel coronavirus, and how our bodies respond to infection.”

The UK Independent reported last year: 

“A successful vaccine has never been developed for any of the many strains of coronaviruses, due to the nature of the virus itself; and vaccinated people can have a higher chance of serious illness and death when later exposed to another strain of the virus, a phenomenon known as ‘virus interference.’ An earlier SARS vaccine never made it to market because the laboratory animals it was tested on contracted more serious symptoms on re-infection, and most of them died.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., founder of Children’s Health Defense, writes:

“Scientists first attempted to develop coronavirus vaccines after China’s 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Teams of US & foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs. Researchers had seen this same “enhanced immune response” during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1960s. Two children died.”

Many doctors and scientists, whose voices have been silenced, see no need for a vaccine at all for a 99.8% survival rate virus, overall, and 96% for people over 70.  Former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, Dr. Mike Yeadon, says: 

“There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines.”

“You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects,”

Although it is frequently compared to the Spanish Flu of 1918, in global deaths per capita, COVID nowhere near, and more similar to the 1957 and 1968 flu pandemics, which few in the general population even knew about, and never prompted talk of masks or lockkdowns.

Below click for larger image

In per capita global terms, COVID not as severe as past pandemics, which went largely unnoticed, never mention of masks or "lockdowns."

The Murderous HCQ and Ivermectin Lies

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ,) has met with great success in treating COVID by thousands of doctors around the world, but is characterized by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the FDA as dangerous. But this is based on a study which pumped six times recommended dose into some test subjects. On this Brazilian study was based the FDA’s persecution of American doctors wanting to prescribe careful protocols including HCQ, like many doctors reporting exciting results elsewhere.

In the Brazilian trial, massive dosages of HCQ were administered to COVID patients, as much as 1200 mg a day for 10 days, or 12,000 mg. The upper-end dose for Plaquenil (HCQ) for the treatment of malaria is 2,000 mg, according to directions which read:

Adults: 800 mg followed by 400 mg at 6 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours after the initial dose.

Naturally heart palpitations – heart arrhythmia – would result. 

Last June the prestigious medical journal The Lancet was forced to retract an article which concluded that HCQ did not help to curb COVID-19, and might cause death in patients. It turned out the data was faked.  Even Facebook “fact check” has reversed its position that HCQ could cause “imminent harm,” a half million lives later.

Similarly, it is now emerging that the safe, cheap anti-parasite drug used by hundreds of millions every year, Ivermectin, used properly, is shown to cut COVID mortality by as much as 70% and more. (HCQ/Ivermectin sources: 1234)

The question then becomes, why are media and medical authorities deliberately engaging in such a strenuous campaign to, with murderous consequences, lie about safe, cheap, and effective COVID remedies, while pushing “vaccinations” with already more possibly-linked deaths than all other previous vaccines combined?

Below: HCQ vs. Non-HCQ Countries  Source:

Click for larger image

Below source

Below source

The lies even extend to the many pictures of celebrities trying to show that “this is ok,” by taking a shot. Unfortunately for the campaign, actor Anthony Hopkins was shown getting his dose squirted on the ground. Other shots shown taken by politicians could easily be saline solution.

Below: Watch Anthony Hopkins’ Fake Vaccination, Shot Gets Squirted on the Ground (View at Bitchute)

Governments and Medical Establishment Corrupt and Lying About Everything COVID, Say Doctors and Scientists

Many doctors and scientists, who are immediately censored by major platforms such as Youtube and Twitter, are aghast at what they say is a full-blown campaign by governments to lie to the world about everything COVID, such the inaccuracy of COVID testing, the efficacy of cheap remedies, and of course, the safety of the ongoing injection program.

 Former Chief Science Officer and VP at Pfizer for 16 years, Dr. Mike Yeadon, has said:

why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?” Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family….Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.”

Dr. Yeadon says he reluctantly comes to this conclusion, based on his inability to think of any other reason for what he says is a vast campaign of “demonstrable lies.”

In just one of thousands of examples of this, MSNBC recently ran a piece which cautioned people that Ivermectin, which doctors around the world report using on COVID with great success, is strictly “horse medicine,” even though there is a decades-old human form which has various uses, and a sterling safety record.

To help explain the medical establishment’s willingness to misrepresent the truth ways which uniformly advance a mass vaccination agenda, Journeyman Pictures has produced a documentary which lays bare some of the rather shocking interrelationships between Big Pharma, university labs, and prestigious medical journals, below.

On the corruption of the “Medical Establishment”: ‘“The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine” (below.)

Bill Gates in documentary: The next pandemic “WILL get attention.”   (View Clip on Bitchute)     (Full documentary on Gates)   

Mass Deaths Due to Vaccines, Deliberate Medical System Collapse to Be Blamed on the “Unvaccinated”?

Other scientists have long worried that a mass murder and social control experiment is underway, driven by elites who own every mass media channel, and steered by the likes of staunch vaccine proponent Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. Gates already has a checkered record of child experimentation in the third world.

Former Texas congressman Dr. Ron Paul wrote on January 4th in “Oppression… The ‘Great Reset’ is about Expanding Government Power and Suppressing Liberty,”

“World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has proposed using the overreaction to coronavirus to launch a worldwide “Great Reset.” This Great Reset is about expanding government power and suppressing liberty worldwide…The Great Reset will dramatically expand the surveillance state via real-time tracking. It will also mandate that people receive digital certificates in order to travel and even technology implanted in their bodies to monitor them.”

Two investment companies, Vanguard Group and Blackrock, own most of the major media in the US, and are controlled by a small number of families especially the Rockefellers, the Bushes, and the Rothschilds.

Below: Bill Gates on Universal Digital IDs (view at Bitchute)

In a recent interview, Canadian neuro-scientist Dr. Christopher Shaw, of the University of British Columbia, said that, hoping he is wrong. he foresees the possibility of deaths and neurological damage resulting from the vaccines that will collapse the US health system. This will result in martial law and CDC camps for the “unvaccinated,” and a complete consolidation of power and social control by the elites.

The collapse of the US medical system, in fact, has emerged as a dream of the Chinese Communist Party, according to US intelligence. US State Department documents show that Chinese scientists investigated weaponizing coronaviruses five years before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Telegraph India in “China probed weaponising coronavirus in 2015” writes:

Chinese scientists described SARS coronaviruses of which Covid is one example as presenting a new era of genetic weapons. The PLA papers referenced seem to fantasise that a bioweapon attack could cause the “enemy’s medical system to collapse”.”

Below: Dr. Christopher Shaw (view at Bitchute)

Citizen Action Turns to Lobbying State Legislators

Organizations such as RightToRefuse.Org have so far successfully passed state laws against vaccine passports and mandates in 14 states. RightToRefuse.Org welcomes new members in all states. Another organization is, which has created an online tool for easily writing to all of one’s state legislators at once.


Below: Archive of private Facebook group for COVID “vaccine” victims and families (PDF file, 250 MB)
 Minnesota Woman Loses both Legs and both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot

Former Chief Science Officer and VP at Pfizer to FDA: “You reckless idiots!” Do NOT Take so-called “Vaccines” (Clot Shots)

Crippling COVID Experimental Vaccine Reactions – Video   (View at Bitchute)

Tucker Carlson Speaks to Mother of Boy Gravely Injured After Sports Team Mandated mRNA Shots (view at Bitchute)

Censored COVID “Vaccine” Adverse Events Facebook Page, Posts (view at Bitchute)

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