Breaking: Fauci Funded Pointless, Painful Dog Experiments, as He Pushes FDA to Declare mRNA Shots Safe to be Mandated

A report broken by the blog after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to Anthony Fauci’s division at the NIH, the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), shows that Fauci spent $424,000 on dog experiments in which beagles suffered for months, sometimes howling in pain. All the dogs, many puppies, were later euthanized.

Fauci continues his attack on on people who are refusing to take experimental mRNA shots developed to ostensibly to prevent COVID infections, although Fauci has been at the forefront of efforts to suppress the use of remedies which have met with great success around the world, approximately 70% reductions in COVID deaths.

For details on Fauci’s and the FDA’s suppression of hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, please see the article linked after this one.

The revelations take place as the FDA, which closely follows Fauci’s lead, announces that it is preparing to approve the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections for general use, even though the clinical trials protocols originally demanded by the FDA, which is charged with ensuring the safety of drugs, are scheduled to last at the very minimum into the end of 2022.

The FDA announcement is expected to open the floodgates for mandatory mRNA injections, on pain of losing one’s livelihood and ability to feed one’s family. reports that, to the extent that any argument can be made that such experiments may be “necessary,” they were not. WCW wrote:

“Experimenters admit this investigational drug, “has been extensively tested and confirmed…in different animal models such as mice…Mongolian gerbils…and rhesus macaques….””

Fauci has been officially referred to the US Department of Justice by Senator Rand Paul, for the criminal charge of lying to Congress in the matter of his funding of gain-of-function virus research at China’s Wuhan lab, which is a bioweapons arm of the Peoples’ Liberation Army, and is presently commanded by Major General Chen Wei, the head of the People’s Liberation Army’s bioweapons research program.

The FOAI documents were covered by Fox News, in which the news host admitted as he spoke that he was struggling to “contain” his anger.

Report from

PDF of NIAID Task Order.

Below: Open containers of biting flies strapped to beagle puppies

(View below at Bitchute)

Below: EXCERPT, Serious Vaccine Injury Testimony, Panel Held by US Senator Ron JohnsonJune 22 (view at Bitchute)

Below: Tucker Carlson Speaks with Victims’ Family (view at Bitchute)

Below: Serious Vaccine Injury Full Testimony, Panel Held by US Senator Ron JohnsonJune 22 (view at Bitchute)

Censored COVID “Vaccine” Adverse Events Facebook Page, Posts (view at Bitchute)

Below: Recent archive of private Facebook group for COVID “vaccine” victims and families (FULL PDF file download, 250 MB) (view at Bitchute)

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FDA Shreds Formal Science Trials for Safety as mRNA Shots to Be Approved, Scientists Fear Self-Organ Attacks By Confused Immune Systems

The FDA is set to violate its own lawful requirements for completed clinical trials before approving a drug for general public use, even as the CDC system for reporting “adverse events,” including deaths, shows more events in 7 months for the Pfizer/Moderna products than for all other vaccines combined since 1990.

Below: Reported possibly linked COVID vaccine deaths compared to previous possible vaccine death reports, through May 1st. 2021, red bar now over 12,000 (source) (click for larger image)

The FDA announcement is expected to open the floodgates for mandatory mRNA injections, on pain of losing one’s livelihood and ability to feed one’s family.

CNN reported on July 29th:

“Though the FDA has yet to disclose a time line for when its work will be done, medical experts and sources familiar with the process tell CNN that full approval could come within the next couple of months.”

Last March 2020, Pfizer and Moderna, filed their plans – protocols – for showing that a drug was, above all, safe. The earliest either set of clinical trials was complete was late into 2022.

[Pfizer clinical trials protocol submitted to FDA, last into 2022]

[Moderna clinical trials protocol submitted to FDA, last into 2023]

In times of sanity, the FDA approves a plan, a “protocol,” which includes clinical trials of certain duration, to show that a drug is safe. When the protocol and trials are complete, the drug company presents its data, and the FDA then approves or denies.

The essence of the FDA announcement is there is now no formal scientific process for determining the safety of what employers may demand people shoot into their veins, or lose their jobs, even when the CDC “early warning system,” the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS,) is signaling, as many scientists say, anything but “safe and effective.”….READ FULL ARTICLE

Why Did Fauci Give Funds to the People’s Liberation Army?

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