South Australia drops vaccine requirement for truckers in wake of protests, freight delays

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The state of South Australia has dropped the upcoming vaccine requirement for truckers in the wake of protests and freight delays. about:blank

The regulation was set to go into effect on September 24th, and would have required truck drivers entering the state of South Australia to have received at least one COVID vaccine shot. Now, the regulation has been scrapped, but it is still unclear how much effect the planned trucker protests had on the sudden change of plans. 

According to XYZ News“yesterday’s protests [in Australia]  have taken a serious toll on people. There were mass arrests, mass fines, and completely unnecessary police brutality against people who were simply standing still in silence,” as people stood together to support truckers and their medical freedom. Some of the demonstrations were even described as “complete and utter chaos.”

@thedisrespectedtrucker3, a major promoter and apparent leader of the proposed American trucker protest for August 31st, has been banned on Tik Tok since the movement’s rise in popularity, but that didn’t stop some Americans from joining in the week of planned protests. Check out how these demonstrations went here

Although the South Australia COVID vaccine requirement had not yet gone into effect, a Victoria regulation requiring truckers to have received a negative COVID test within 72 hours had drivers waiting in large queues at the border, and some were even turned away. These hurdles have already caused freight delays and labor shortages, which may have been a factor in the decision to eliminate the upcoming requirement. 

It is not yet clear if more Australian States will follow South Australia’s decision to scrap the vaccine requirement for truckers.

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One thought on “South Australia drops vaccine requirement for truckers in wake of protests, freight delays”

  1. South Australia dropping vaccine mandate for truckers is wonderful news! Protests and threat of delivery disruption protected the bodily sovereignty of these Australian truck drivers.

    We all need to vociferously protest against employer mandates for this mRNA vaccine by doing the same. As members of a democracy, we Americans need to exercise our rights by calling our elected officials. If their phones are ringing off the hook, they’ll wake up and pay attention.

    Remember, they’re just as much a victim of mainstream media as we are. Most politicians are super busy. Therefore, due to time constraints, they depend on what the unelected heads of FDA, CDC, etc are telling them.

    Politicos typically don’t have the inclination themselves to do the research when corporate media and ethically compromised heads of government agencies tell them that these vaccines are safe.

    But if you as politically active constituents sound the alarm, they’ll wake up and start asking the hard questions — and that applies across the political spectrum.

    Let us not allow corruption divide us as Americans. These Covid vaccines that lack long-term safety data should NOT be required of anyone, much less children. This collusion of censorship in the public domain needs to be exposed — this is NOT a matter of left or right. It’s a matter of our public health and ramifications of inadequately tested biotechnology on our personal lives.


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