87,000 Nurses “Not Guinea Pigs” Refuse COVID Vaccine in Netherlands (International Business Times)

Corona News Roundup: What You Need to Know.  Really.

International Business Times: “Nurses, no guinea pigs! 87,000 healthcare workers in Netherlands refuse Covid-19 vaccine:

“Amid random reports of reactions to vaccine surfacing at different parts of the world, here comes a sharp refusal from thousands of healthcare workers. Around 87,000 nurses refused ‘experimental’ Covid-19 vaccine in the Netherlands, even as the Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced a strict five-week lockdown.

At a recent hearing of the Covid-19 Extra pulmonary Inquiry committee, Dr. Elke De Klerk from the Netherlands said she supports 87,000 nurses who resolved to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine because they don’t want to be a guinea pig. “We are also starting a lawsuit to bring a really large group of doctors and a really large group of nurses because we have contact with 87,000 nurses that do want the vaccine that is being prepared for us. They are not willing to be the guinea pigs.”

Prof. Dolores Cahill: Why People Will Start Dying A Few Months After The First Mrna Vaccination

“…and it will be called COVID-21.

Prof. Dolores Cahill received her PhD in Immunology from Dublin City University in 1994. She was group leader of the Protein Technology Group in the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics, Berlin, and is Professor of Translational Science at the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Sciences.

COVID19 is a 99.4% to 99.8% survival rate virus, the death toll for which a team of researchers in one state found may be inflated by as much as 40%.  

Video: Professor Dolores Cahill: Why People Will Start Dying A Few Months After The First Mrna Vaccination

Will be Blamed on COVID

Prof. Cahill says, importantly, that not only will recipients of vaccines start dying in great numbers, but that instead of being taken as a sign for caution, the deaths will be blamed on new and different types of coronaviruses, feeding into a deliberate program to create mass panic and hysteria…READ FULL BLOG POST

FDA to Approve Syringe-Injectable Biochip, Nanoparticles in COVID Test, Possible Nuremberg Code Violations (“Once Were the Living”)

“If COVID nasal test swabs indeed contain metal nanoparticles as a demonstration shows in the nightmare documentary “Once were the Living,” it constitutes a violation of the Nuremberg Code against medical experimentation without the fully informed consent of subjects, a crime against humanity, punishable by death (“The United States of America v. Karl Brandt, et al.”)

All the patents from this well-sourced presentation can be retrieved from public sources.  The magnetic test for COVID swabs can be independently performed.  

As described in the video, according to the defense industry website Defense One, a syringe-injectable biochip smaller than a grain of rice is expecting FDA approval this spring.  

Defense One reported in 2020:

” Its maker, Profusa, says the sensor is on track to try for FDA approval by early next year.””…READ FULL BLOG POST

It’s Over! Safe Remedies Obviate Need for Experimental Vaccines, Now It’s Murder

“Debbie Maimon of the prestigious Orthodox Jewish newspaper Yated Neeman writes on Feb. 3rd:

“For the second time in a month, strong positions taken against early outpatient drug treatment for Covid-19 by federal agencies and the medical establishment have quietly been withdrawn. This suggests a long-awaited turning point in the battle against the disease, many believe.  Three weeks ago, the NIH withdrew its opposition to “wonder-drug” ivermectin as a treatment for both outpatient and hospitalized Covid patients.”

Ms. Maimon notes the role played by the US  Senate Homeland Security hearings, led by Senator Ron Johnsonn (R-WI), in giving physicians the right to determine whether to use the drug in their treatment of Covid-19 patients.

The NIH has upgraded their recommendation on ivermectin, making it an option for use in COVID-19″….READ FULL BLOG POST 

Harvard-MIT Scientist Says COVID “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” is Man-Made, First Cases in  Chinese Military Hospital (Yahoo Finance)

Dr. Steven Quay, MD-PhD, an American Harvard Medical School MD and MIT post-doc with 300 scientific publications and 86 US patents, is the author of a paper which concludes that the COVID-19 virus was “beyond a reasonable doubt” created in a Chinese lab.

Yahoo Finance reports on January 29:

“A paper was published today by Dr. Steven Quay, M.D., PhD., CEO of Atossa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATOS), entitled, “A Bayesian analysis concludes beyond a reasonable doubt that SARS-CoV-2 is not a natural zoonosis but instead is laboratory derived.””

The paper is “A Bayesian analysis concludes beyond a reasonable doubt that SARS-CoV-2 is not a natural zoonosis but instead is laboratory derived.”   The publication date of the paper is January 29, 2021.  

Last October, Dr. Quay published a paper concluding that the first human COVID cases seemed to originate from a People’s Liberation Army hospital in Wuhan Province.  

A press release at Yahoo Finance says:

“A paper published on Zenodo (DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4119263) by Dr. Steven Quay, M.D., PhD., head of two COVID-19 therapeutic programs at Atossa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATOS), illuminates new scientific observations and conclusions documenting that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic began at the General Hospital of Central Theater Command of People’s Liberation Army (PLA Hospital) in Wuhan, China, located at 627 Wulon Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan.”

Dr. Quay is the author of the best-selling Your COVID-19 Survival Manual: A Physician’s Guide to Keep You and Your Family Healthy During the Pandemic and Beyond, which was pulled down by Amazon only hours after it appeared and shot to number one rankings.  The book is available at Dr. Quay.com. “

Bill Gates Says the Next Pandemic “Will Get Attention This Time”

With a smirk Gates say the next pandemic WILL get attention…at 14:00 mark.


Still Not Covered by Major Broadcast Media, Newsweek:  “Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research”   


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  1. YOU WRITE ,have contact with 87,000 nurses that do want the vaccine that is being prepared for us SCHOULD SAY DO NOT WANT


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