Biochips Would Be Banned by MA Bill to Ban “Vaccine Passports”

It’s only two weeks. It’s only a mask. It’s only a biochip!

What began as a request for the public to submit to two weeks of extraordinary government mandates in order to slow the spread of a 99.8% survival rate virus, which even Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted might turn out to have a survival rate similar to flu, has now become a rationale for a possible rollout of a biochip for most people who must use public facilities, in order to “detect” COVID.

The existence of the biochip was announced on the CBS News program 60 Minutes, an audacious trial balloon which seems unconcerned that it would prove the “conspiracy theorists” were right. The research was funded by the US military’s super-secret, ethically-challenged research arm DARPA, of which a former head once famously said “My measure of success is that the International Olympic Committee bans everything we do.”

Of course, the makers of the biochip say it is in the interest of public health, rather than of social control.

For Health? Or for Control?

Whom to believe? Would biochips be about public health and not social control? Not only do biochips which provide readout of body chemistry exist, they are already testing them on military service members.

Those who believe the reassurances of limits on the technology are likely those who still believe that COVID came from a Chinese wet market, rather than a lab, even now that powerful evidence is available that the virus was created with research money for “gain-of-function” experiments, approved for communist Chinese Wuhan lab by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci himself. Even former CDC Director Robert Redfield now says it came from a lab. Let us be frank. It is now conspiracy theorists: 2. Normies: 0.

Let us employ reason as to whether to trust the direction of this or not. From the high plateau of one year looking back on the “novel” coronavirus pandemic, we can see:

  • As concerned as Dr. Fauci, governments, and media seem to be about public health, none have informed the public of a Canadian health authority’s recent determination that millions of the masks people are wearing cause lung damage when worn over long periods of time, due to the presence of nanomaterial graphene. In a single stroke, so much for concern for public health. But there is more. Much, much more.
  •  It was no mere mistake or incompetence that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and some other governors sent COVID patients into nursing homes last Spring.  In NY, Cuomo was advised by nursing homes, in documented emails, that the converted Javits Center and the hospital ship USS Comfort were nearly empty. Nursing home executives asked Cuomo to allow that COVID patients be segregated there, rather than mixed in with the most vulnerable people in the state.  Permission was denied, and tens of thousands of nursing home patients died, amounting to a Crime Against Humanity.  

    In MI, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer specifically vetoed legislation which would have steered COVID patients away from nursing homes, all but fighting for the gun and pulling the trigger. Concern for public health indeed.

  • It was none other than mass “vaccinations” biggest cheerleader, Bill Gates, who funded the Imperial College professor, Neil Ferguson, whose widely discredited paper was used by governments to justify “lockdowns.” Gates gave Ferguson’s MCR Centre for Global and Infectious Diseases $8 million last March and April.   Gates seems to have inside knowledge of another pandemic coming, which “will” get the public’s “attention.”

    Bill Gates in documentary: The next pandemic “WILL get attention.”   (View Clip on Bitchute)     (Full documentary on Gates)   
  • Even now, the World Health Organization’s and the FDA’s position on hydroxychloroquine (HCQ,) reported around the world as a life-saver by countries with 70% lower COVID death rates than the US, is based on a faulty study. The study administered HCQ super-doses to COVID patients, which resulted in to-be-expected heart arrhythmia. A scientific  literature search turned up no other study making such a finding.   In the US, any use or even mention of HCQ protocols as a treatment were relentlessly suppressed.  Had they not been, it would suggest a present death toll of around 100,000 rather than 500,000 in the US.

The faulty study was a Brazilian trial in which massive dosages of HCQ were being administered to COVID patients, as much as 1200 mg a day for 10 days, or 12,000 mg. The upper-end dose for Plaquenil (HCQ) for the treatment of malaria is 2,000 mg, according to directions which read:

Adults: 800 mg followed by 400 mg at 6 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours after the initial dose.

The study was giving six times recommended dose, an overdose for which it is no surprise that heart palpitations would result. 

  • By the government’s own admission and official CDC policy, any death in which COVID was merely present was counted as being “of” COVID.”  Former director of the CDC Robert Redfield, when asked about “perverse” financial incentives driving hospitals to count non-COVID deaths as COVID, in a US Senate hearing, said “I do think there’s some reality to that.”    Yet, even admitted to by the CDC, a Big Tech, Facebook “fact-check” will turn right around and label anyone who charges that death counts are inflated as a “conspiracy theorist.”   Last May, Dr. Deborah Birx suggested that deaths are being overcounted by 25%.   An examination of nearly 3,000 death certificates in MN found that COVID-tagged deaths were inflated by as much as 40%.

  • The historical context of the pandemic, compared to the most recent past pandemics, places COVID at about the same severity as the 1957 and 1968 flu pandemics, in global per capita terms when there was never even a whisper of lockdowns or masks.   Klaus Schwab author of “Covid-19 and the Great Reset,” and chairman of the World Economic Forum, a yearly gathering of the world’s wealthiest elite, writes that COVID is:

“one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years…the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health and mortality will be mild compared to previous pandemics”

  •  Although it is now frequently compared to the Spanish Flu of 1918, in per capita terms COVID is nowhere near (see chart.)

  • It is by now well-known, by those paying any attention whatsoever, that the main measure by which the flames of the pandemic are fanned, numbers of “positive” PCR tests, are mostly false.

  • The FDA, CDC, and organizations pressuring for COVID “vaccination” are committing crimes, by violating the obligation for fully informed consent, by not informing subjects that they are actually participating in experimental trials for experimental, mRNA injections which are not technically vaccines, which still have two years of clinical safety trials in their protocols.  

    The Moderna and Pfizer injections are being distributed only under FDA “emergency authorization use,”  which is intended only in a true emergency when subjects have little to lose, and no other remedy like HCQ is available, which might explain the willingness to employ scientific fraud to suppress HCQ. A 99.98% survival rate virus, for most ages, is not an emergency.

    Nor are subjects being informed, as is their right, of the latest counts of “adverse events” and deaths likely related to the shots in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). One-third of the deaths have been within 48 hours of the injections.

    Source: KUSI San Diego

[Pfizer clinical trials protocol submitted to FDA]    [Moderna protocol]

Below: Page from Pfizer clinical trials protocol submitted to FDA, showing two-year safety and efficacy trials for experimental virus protection.    Source

Massachusetts State Legislature Considers Bill Which Would Slap Down Biochip Implants

If there is a biochip plan designed to strip most of the population of all freedoms and privacy, then the key to carrying this out is the mandatory or coerced “vaccine passports.”  Stop the mandatory or coerced “passports,” and you stop the biochips.  That is because biochips, in the end, require access to the body, through coercion, which some states are already outlawing.  The power is now in the state houses.

Fortunately, bills are winding their way through numerous state legislatures which ban any kind of medical discrimination in public accommodations.

In Massachusetts, a bill is being heard which bans coerced “procedures,” which would cover any attempt to coerce biochips as well as “vaccines.”

Massachusetts Senate bill S.1122 states:

“No person shall be compelled by law to acquiesce to medical treatments or procedures, collection of specimens, or sharing of personal data or medical information. A person’s fundamental rights to privacy, travel, and speech afforded under the United States Constitution shall not be infringed upon to impede the making of decisions for themselves or for their dependents, including, but not limited to, health and medical care, including complementary and alternative healthcare services, education, employment, travel, and lifestyle preferences.”

The divide between “vaxxers” and “anti-vaxxers,” even though the latter term is misleading, because not all people wary of hastily developed COVID shots are against all vaccination, really comes down to trust.

“Vaxxers” should ask themselves, looking back, what reasons have governments, the media, and most of the medical establishment given for them to be trusted that biochips are not the endgame of an incredibly evil agenda?

Take a single data point. The mask you have been ordered to wear, even told to wear double by Anthony Fauci, if it contains graphene, has likely been damaging your lungs, to the degree that they have been banned by a major Canadian health authority. Where is the tender concern for your health now? Would not someone in Fauci’s position have heard of this?

Graphene is present in many makes and models of masks, available at Amazon, and is ubiquitous in the materials they are made from, due to its strength and resilience (images below.)

Widely sold masks containing graphene at Amazon

At what point must one admit the dark possibility that the government’s, the media’s, and the medical establishment’s response to an unfortunate pandemic, all of them heavily influenced by a powerful elite, has nothing to do with health at all?

A Dark Agenda is Now Real

“Conspiracy theorists” have long warned that the mandatory or coerced “vaccine passport” push, which aims to force almost everyone to submit to routine injections of one sort or another, is actually part of a plan to, always in the name of public health, implant biochips, marketed as “COVID detectors,” into every person who wishes to move about in public, which would eventually link them to a global, 5G network surveillance system, which would know and record everything there is to know and record about people who do not move about on private jets.

This would include movements, whereabouts, purchases, contacts, medical records, body chemistry, and state of mind. All normal currency would be abolished and digitized, and tied to the chip.

Fiendish forms of torture could be deployed against those perceived to threaten the interests of elites, or simple mark-up for extermination. This will enable any and all forms of robber-barronry and elimination of the middle-class, as political dissent will become impossible. The end of dissent will enable a final plunder of the middle-class, and the enslavement of workers and the deaths of “unessentials.”

As a video obtained from the global elite’s World Economic Forum think tank put it, by 2030 “You’ll own nothing, and you will be happy.”

Like the recently announced biochip, the technology of such a system has already been developed. One name which comes up frequently as a driver of these technologies is Bill Gates. And despite Gates’  protests over “crazy” and “evil” conspiracy theories against him, his funding is behind drives for the digital identification of all people, justified by perceived vaccination needs, to connect them to an artificial intelligence platform which has been patented by Microsoft.

Adam Keiper, Senior Editor of The New Atlantis, write that:

“Nanotechnology could theoretically be used to make mind-control systems, invisible and mobile eavesdropping devices, or unimaginably horrific tools of torture.”

Gates is also helping launch a global, real-time satellite surveillance system, which could spy on every inch of the planet at all times, including private property such as backyards.

The task for concerned citizens is clear. It is state legislatures, passing laws such as Massachusetts Senate bill S.1122, who have the power to bring the assault on rights paid for with bloodshed to a screeching halt.

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