Top Scientists Say CDC VAERS Data Confirms COVID Vaccines Are a “Killing Weapon”

Above image: Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Summary: Analysis of the CDC’s official Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data shows that 5% of batches of the COVID vaccines are associated with almost all of the reported deaths, permanent cripplings and other injuries. Top scientists including a former chairman of the Council of Europe Health Committee, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, and a former Chief Science Officer and VP of Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, say that this cannot possibly be a coincidence. Dr. Yeadon says the data suggests that the differences in batch lethality strongly suggests “the calibration of a killing weapon.”

A doctor and former chairman of the Council of Europe Health Committee, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a former Chief Science Officer (CSO) and Vice President for Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, and other doctors and scientists say that CDC death and adverse event data for the Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J COVID injections shows that about 5% of the batches are associated with 90% of the deaths, and are up to 5,000 % more lethal than all the other batches. They agree that extremely strict and precise quality control processes which are standard in the industry make it impossible that this is not deliberate.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg said:

““It is not true that there is the same stuff in each shot,” 

In an interview with attorney Reiner Fuellmich, below, known for his successful lawsuits against Deutsche Bank and Volkswagon, Dr. Wodarg says:

“Now is the time they can do it because we are afraid…it is worse than Nuremberg…and they kill people…intentionally.”

In 2010 as head of the Council of Europe Health Committee, Dr. Wodarg led an inquiry into the controversial 2009 Swine Flu “pandemic.”

According to life insurance executives, excess mortality in the US has gone up 40% in recent financial quarters, mostly non-COVID deaths, mostly young working-age people. The earthshaking statistic has been met with deafening silence in the media. Excess mortality is the number of deaths over the expected number of deaths based on the average of the last five years. The number should change little if at all from year to year.

One Indiana life insurance company president said that a “one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic…So 40% is just unheard of.” Although excess deaths continue to go up, COVID deaths are low.

Below: Daily COVID deaths in US between September 2021 and October 2022. Source: Worldometers


[Complaint filed by Hannah Rose Law to International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity, against Boris Johnson, Albert Bourlas, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab et al, ICC Reference #OTP-CR-473/21.]


The analyzed data is taken from the  CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), described by CDC as “early warning” signals indicating problems with vaccine safety. VAERS is not intended to prove causation, but it is intended to show cause for alarm. COVID vaccine death reports are now 75 times higher per year for COVID vaccines than for all other vaccines combined, per year. Source:

Unreported in the media, pathologists in Germany and elsewhere have concluded that the COVID vaccines are directly responsible for large numbers of deaths, based on autopsies. (See: “Autopsies Show Direct Causal Link Between Unexpected Deaths and COVID Vaccines“)

Dr. Mike Yeadon,  a former Pfizer CSO and VP, who after Pfizer founded the successful biotech company Ziarco, which was acquired by Novartis, says:

 “if you harboured any residual doubts about whether there is or not a depopulation agenda, this presentation destroys that doubt.”

Typically for anyone calling into question the safety of the COVID vaccines, Dr. Yeadon is described, as he is on Wikipedia, as an “anti-vaccine activist” when he is anything but, and repeatedly reiterates that he has no problem with thoroughly tested, safe vaccines that are truly vaccines. The COVID injections are actually mRNA genetics agents.

Importantly, Feullmich stresses to other attorneys that strong evidence that harm is intentional nullifies all shields from liability for vaccine makers.


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Dr. Mike Yeadon said in an interview:

“I am worried that this is the calibration of a killing weapon…I have got no reason to make this stuff up. I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist,”

Dr. Yeadon wrote to his Telegram audience:

“You’ll be aware that one of our assiduous researchers noticed a short while ago that adverse events are not occurring randomly throughout the batches & lots of vaccines made by a given manufacturer.

Instead, it appears that just 5% of the batches / lots are associated with almost all the deaths.

Given the tight requirements of consistency associated with an authorised product, it’s absolutely impossible that this is a chance event.”

Below: Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, CDC death report patterns resemble “calibration of a killing weapon” (view at Rumble) (view at Bitchute)

“Dose Range Finding”

The following chart shows the number of adverse events in the Pfizer deployment of vaccine batches. The vertical axis is number of adverse events, including deaths. The horizontal axis the chronological deployment of batches, by batch issue date.

Upon examining the data and analysis originally performed by Craig Paardekooper, Dr. Yeadon said that, as a pharmaceuticals scientist, he immediately recognized a process called “dose range finding.” In dose range finding, varying strengths of dosage are administered in order to accurately peg the number of deaths and injuries which can be associated with each dosage level. One of Dr. Yeadon’s specialties at Pfizer was toxicology, which involves these methods.

As can be seen, batch deadliness forms a progressive line sloping downward, as if early batches start out at high dosage strength and then are cut down in a methodical manner. Yeadon, Wodarg, and scientists say this would never happen unless planned this way, since vaccines are supposed to be manufactured to be precisely the same dose across thousands of batches and billions of doses.

Below: Reported deaths by batch of COVID mRNA injection, earlier batches first. (Click to enlarge image) Source: Craig Paardekooper, researcher

Below source: Yeadon presentation, normal distribution of adverse events in flu vaccine over large number of batches. (Click for larger image)

Dr. Jessica Rose has pointed out that batch issue date does not necessarily correspond to when the batches were actually used. But Dr. James Hill, MD, has rebutted that this does not negate the findings, but is simply a call for further research into the actual timing of the batches’ deployments.

Dr. Robert Malone, an mRNA vaccine pioneer, has written on this subject in “Toxic By Design: “Hot Lots” and how to avoid them.”

Dr. Yeadon says that the CDC data shows that the batches were released systematically over time, by all three manufacturers, in an apparent effort to determine the lethality of stronger or weaker doses.

This would allow one to estimate how many deaths can be expected for a particular dosage strength. Assuming massive depopulaton is the goal, too many deaths, too soon, and the world becomes suspicious. Scientists Wodarg, Yeadon, and others express being stunned at the logical conclusion.

Anyone can find out the number of deaths and adverse events associated with the batch of the vaccine they have taken at How Bad is My Batch.

Among the falsehoods which have been employed to raise the level of fear during COVID are:

— Voluminous evidence, and the frank admission of Dr. Deborah Birx, that anyone who died with COVID, would be counted as having died of COVID, thereby inflating the numbers of true COVID deaths, the average age of which is about 82 with multiple comorbidities. In Minnesota, a team of researchers examined nearly 3,000 COVID death certificates, and concluded that up to 40% of them improperly listed COVID as the primary cause of death.

— The pandemic being proclaimed deadlier than the Spanish Flu of 1918, as the number of alleged COVID deaths surpassed Spanish Flu deaths. Omitted was the fact that the US population in 1918 was less than one-third of what it is today, making the per capita COVID death rate not even close to the Spanish Flu, a year-and-a-half into the COVID fiasco. Nevertheless the “grisly milestone” was announced in the most alarmist tones possible. Encouragingly, a popular Youtube comment on an MSNBC broadcast starts out: “We learned percents in fourth grade…”

— The use of the PCR tests, incredibly continuing to this day, even after Fauci himself admitted that it “doesn`t measure replication competent virus,” in other words, live virus that can make you or anyone else sick. Nevertheless, based solely on rises in PCR test “cases,” governments still claim unprecedented powers. Fauci said on MSNBC in December 2021:

“PCR doesn`t measure replication competent virus. It measures viral particles, nucleic acid. So in other words, I could be infected, have cleared the replication competent virus from me, but I can continue to be positive with a PCR for several days after recovering and not being transmissible at all….The only way you can tell if it`s transmissible, if you can show that there really is live replication virus in you. And the tests don`t measure that. They measure the presence or absence of the virus. And the virus could be dead, enactive inactive virus that doesn`t transmit.”

Below: COVID has “killed about as many Americans as the 1918-19 Spanish flu”

Fauci: Positve PCR test new case  could be “dead, inactive virus that doesn`t transmit” (view at Youtube, at 6:00 minutes)



Lowest Vaccinated Countries Have Lowest COVID Death Rates.

 “International medical crisis due to the diseases and deaths co-related to the administration of products known as “COVID-19 vaccines” (  Over 22,000 signatures total so far.

Prior calls  by doctors and scientist for halt to mass “vaccinations,” partial list: 1,  2,  3,  4,  5.  6.


Below: Dr. Mike Yeadon Telegram, Telegram Link (click for larger image)

Dr. Yeadon said the findings, which have been replicated and confirmed since the CDC data is public, are “unequivocal evidence of malfeasance.”

In April of this year Dr. Yeadon, in an interview with Lifesite News, said that he had come to the reluctant conclusion that a long series of coordinated, “demonstrable lies” are being put forth by governments, the medical establishment, and the media, which leads him to suspect that a “massive depopulation” agenda might be in play.

Dr. Yeadon recommended researcher Craig Paardekooper’s presentation of his batch findings, in the video below.

(view at Bitchute)

“Debunks” Fail

Attempted “debunks” of the dose-range-finding, toxic-batch theory quickly devolve into the typical mishmash of sarcasm and ad hominem attacks. A typical one is the Daily Beast’s “The Shady Site That Shows Anti-Vaxxers Will Believe Anything.”

What finally seems to be a substantive paragraph reads:

repeated rigorous analyses show most of the issues recorded in the VAERS database turn out to be unrelated to vaccines—and the bulk of the rest are just minor issues.”

But the links used to show “repeated rigorous analyses” are all from studies published in 2015, which have nothing to do with the astronomical number of current COVID vaccine danger signals, which are not really vaccines, but employ a technology which for the first time tinkers with the body’s genetic machinery.

Neither does the “debunk” address the unmistakable batch-deaths pattern, whether causation can be shown or not. However, in the opinion of numerous pathologists the injections are the cause of many deaths, although such studies are strenuously censored by Youtube, Facebook, and the major news media (see: “Autopsies Show Direct Causal Link Between Unexpected Deaths and COVID Vaccines.“)

The writer chosen by Daily Beast to fact-check the assertions of medical doctors and a former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer is Mark Hay, a young New York freelancer with a masters in philosophy.

Mark Hay

Below: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor emeritus of the University of Mainz, winner of the Aronson Prize for achievements in microbiology and immunology, on how mRNA shots dangerously tinker with genetic machinery. (View in Bitchute)

Anyone Can Find Out How Deadly Their Own Batch Is

Craig Paardekooper has put together the website How Bad is My Batch in which anyone can find their Covid vaccine batch number and see the number of deaths and adverse events associated with it.

Attorney Fuellmich Target of False Accusations

Dr. Feullmich, PhD, was recently accused by a former member of his team of financial improprieties. He reports that the Berlin District Attorney has publicly concluded that there is no reason for an investigation. Dr. Feullmich’s public statement on the matter is here, as well as an interview with Stop World Control explaining more about the situation.

In March of 2022, a French attorney working with Fuellmich‘s organization the Corona Investigative Committee was arrested at her home by armed and aggressive French national police, held for days without charges, then released after public outcry.

Corona Investigative Committee

Reiner Fuellmich Law Office

[Complaint filed by Hannah Rose Law to International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity, against Boris Johnson, Albert Bourlas, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab et al, ICC Reference #OTP-CR-473/21.]

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Lowest Vaccinated Countries Have Lowest COVID Death Rates.

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Bill Gates Funded the Professor Who Created “Lockdown” Theory Used to Justify Police State

Now in Sweden: Biochip Implants for Proof of taking the Highest-Death-Report Experimental Jabs in History

Here is Bill Gates’ Injectable Biochip, for Those Who Think it is Conspiracy Theory

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