Ex-Pfizer Chief Science Officer Identifies Deadly Experimentation with COVID Vaccine Batches Given to Public

Summary: 5% of batches associated with almost all deaths, permanent cripplings and other injuries. Dr. Yeadon is convinced this is not accidental, and that an experiment is taking place to determine the lethality of varying doses, with the public as unwitting guinea pigs.

CDC death and adverse event data for the Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J COVID injections shows that about 5% of the batches are associated with 90% of the deaths, and are up to 5,000 % more lethal than the other batches, according to Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer for 16 years.

Pathologists in Germany and elsewhere have concluded that the vaccines are directly responsible for large numbers of deaths, based on autopsies.

Dr. Yeadon says that the pattern of deaths associated with the vaccine batches looked like the “calibration of a killing weapon.”


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Dr. Yeadon said in an interview:

“I am worried that this is the calibration of a killing weapon…I have got no reason to make this stuff up. I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist,”

Dr. Yeadon wrote to his Telegram audience:

“You’ll be aware that one of our assiduous researchers noticed a short while ago that adverse events are not occurring randomly throughout the batches & lots of vaccines made by a given manufacturer.

Instead, it appears that just 5% of the batches / lots are associated with almost all the deaths.

Given the tight requirements of consistency associated with an authorised product, it’s absolutely impossible that this is a chance event.”

Dr. Yeadon, who after Pfizer founded the successful biotech company Ziarco, which was acquired by Novartis, explained his position in the interview with attorney Reiner Feullmich, below, on January 3, 2022.

Below: Dr. Mike Yeadon, CDC death report patterns resemble “calibration of a killing weapon” (view at Rumble) (view at Bitchute)

The findings on the different batches were originally made by a UK researcher, Craig Paaredekooper, and have been analyzed by Dr. Yeadon and other doctors.

Moreover, says Dr. Yeadon, the CDC shows that the batches were released systematically over time, by all three manufacturers, in an apparent effort to determine the lethality of stronger or weaker doses.

[Further reporting on this in DailyExpose.UK]

In the US, COVID vaccine-associated deaths are now 10,000% higher than all other vaccines combined, in CDC’s “early warning” system. (See; Scientists in Top Peer-Reviewed Journal Say True Number of Vaccine Deaths May be in “Hundreds of Thousands”)

The number of deaths and adverse events associated with any batch from any of the three manufactures can be found at the website How Bad is My Batch.

Yeadon Telegram

Yeadon said findings, which can be replicated and confirmed since the CDC data is public, are “unequivocal evidence of malfeasance.”

In April of this year Dr. Yeadon, in an interview, said that he had come to the reluctant conclusion that a long series of coordinated, “demonstrable lies” are being put forth by governments, the medical establishment, and the media, which leads him to the reluctant conclusion that a “massive depopulation” agenda might be in play.

Dr. Yeadon recommended researcher Craig Paardekooper’s presentation of his batch findings, in the video below.

(view at Bitchute)

“Dose Range Finding”

Upon examining the data and analysis performed by Craig Paardekooper, Dr. Yeadon said that, as a pharmaceuticals scientist, he immediately recognized a methodology called “dose range finding.” In dose range finding, varying strengths of dosage are administered in order to accurately peg the number of deaths and injuries which can be associated with each dosage level. One of Dr. Yeadon’s specialties at Pfizer was toxicology, which employs these methods.

The following chart in the presentation shows the Pfizer deployment of toxic vaccine batches. The vertical axis is number of adverse events, including deaths. The horizontal axis the chronological deployment of batches, by batch issue date. Paardekooper’s paper explaining this chart is HERE.

Click to enlarge image

Dr. Jessica Rose has pointed out that batch issue date does not necessarily correspond to when the batches were actually used. But Dr. James Hill, MD, has rebutted that this does not negate the findings, but is simply a call for further research into the actual timing of the batches’ deployments.

Dr. James Hill, MD has reported on the findings in his Substack “Vaccine batches vary systematically in toxicity and are distributed to unsuspecting Americans by three companies.” He writes:

Paardekooper claims:

  • VAERS shows about 1 in 200 vaccine batches (~ 0.5%) are “highly toxic,” having a high number (1000-5000 times the baseline rate) of severe adverse reactions — including hospitalization, disability, and death — in the short term, i.e., within a few days or weeks of injection.
  • 70% have only one short-term adverse event reported.
  • 80% have only one or two short-term adverse events reported.
  • The toxic batches are distributed among all 50 US states.
  • You can look up VAERS data on batch toxicity at http://howbad.info, at least unless and until they change the batch numbering system to conceal toxic batches.

Daily Beast “Debunk” Fails Before it Begins

In a ‘debunk’ seeking disprove the “killing weapon” findings, Daily Beast writer Mark Hay, a young New York freelancer with a masters in philosophy, deploys a standard mishmash pejoratives, misrepresentations, and such scientific language as “These arguments are, of course, all bullshit.”

Even before the first sentence, the Daily Beast’s objectively entitled “The Shady Site That Shows Anti-Vaxxers Will Believe Anything” misrepresents Paaredekooper and colleagues like Yeadon as “anti-vaxxers,” a deliberate dishonesty which by now borders on libel, since neither have ever, ever said they were against all vaccines, and Yeadon especially has denounced the falsehood repeatedly. He and his family have taken all standard childhood vaccinations.

But Hay flogs the mischaracterization, at length, writing:

““It’s a very worrisome, paranoid evolution of anti-vax sentiment,” Ofer Levy, a doctor who works on vaccine programs and studies public attitudes towards vaccinations in general, told The Daily Beast.”

Hay trots out the go-to attack on anyone citing the unprecedented number of death reports associated with the COVID shots in VAERS, that they do not understand that a VAERS report is not a conclusive link to the vaccine.

In the first place, this is another of Hay’s field of straw men, as neither Paardekooper, Yeadon, nor anyone else critical of the injections labor under any such misunderstanding. Hay never shows a single instance which proves that they do, because it does not exist. Hays and others like him merely shadow box against an opponent who isn’t there, and then triumphantly act as they have vanquished the opponent.

Secondly, there are many other scientists, pathologists, who do report, after autopsies, the direct links between the injections and sudden, unexpected death. Hay does not mention these, a lie of omission.

It all might be funny and amusing, except, insofar as it is designed to obscure horrific truths, the propaganda may constitute accomplice to genocide.

[Further reporting on this in DailyExpose.UK]

Dr. Yeadon and Others File Crimes Against Humanity Charges in the Hague

Dr. Yeadon and others, on December 6, 2021 at the international tribunal the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands, filed charges against Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Boris Johnson, Klaus Schwab, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Anthony Fauci, World Health Organization chairman Tedros Adanhom Ghebreyesus, Dr. Peter Daszack, and others, for Crimes Against Humanity. [ICC Complaint, Yeadon et al vs. Johnson et al.]

Top Pathologists Say Autopsies Show 40% of Deaths After COVID Vax Are Due to Vaccine-Induced Organ Attack

In September of 2021, a team of German pathologists and other doctors and scientists presented the results of multiple autopsies of people who had died unexpectedly within two weeks of receiving Covid vaccinations, and concluded that up to 40% of the bodies they examined had died as a direct result of the vaccines. All of the bodies examined were over age 50.

The pathologists calculated that, for a certain broad age group, takers of the shots were 15 times more likely to die from the shots than from COVID. (See CoronaNews: “Top Pathologists: Autopsies Show 40% of Deaths After COVID Vax Are Due to Vaccine-Induced Organ Attack“)

Below: September 20th, 2021, Conference at Pathological institute in Reutlingen, Germany, “Cause of death after COVID-19 vaccination & Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines  (view below video at Bitchute)

Image below: unexplained lymphocyte attack of brain blood vessel cells, Top Pathologists: Autopsies Show 40% of Deaths After COVID Vax Are Due to Vaccine-Induced Organ Attack

Major Life Insurance Company Reports Deaths in US Up 40%, Not COVID

On January 2, 2022, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology and a fierce critic of the hastily-produced Pfizer and Moderna injections and Covid mandates, called attention in his Substack webpage to a report from the CEO of a major life insurance company, OneAmerica, that the death rate in the US for ages 18 – 64 was up 40% since the introduction of mass vaccination, and that the causes were not Covid. Dr. Malone wrote:

“AT WORST, this report implies that the federal workplace vaccine mandates have driven what appear to be a true crime against humanity.  

The Center Square reports:

“the majority of ICU beds are not taken up by COVID-19 patients – just 37% are, while 54% of the ICU beds are being occupied by people with other illnesses or conditions.”

OneAmerica CEO Scott Davison, who is quoted in The Center Square, made his comments on Jan. 1, 2022, in “Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64.” OneAmerica was  founded in 1877 , and has assets of $74 billion under its management.

Anyone Can Find Out How Deadly Their Batch Is

Paardekooper has put together the website How Bad is My Batch in which anyone can find their Covid vaccine batch number and see the number of deaths and adverse events associated with it.

In an interview, attorney Reiner Fuellmich, who is pursuing legal actions against Covid mandates, says that the proof of premeditation on the part of the vaccine industry, in knowingly causing death and injury, would remove any legal shield from liability that the industry may presently have, video below.

Reiner Fuellmich: “New Findings… Enough to Dismantle the Entire (VAX COVID) Industry!” (view in Bitchute)




Best estimates are that COVID is a 99.9% recovery rate virus, similar to flu, according to Stanford epidemiologist Dr. John Ioannadis. Common flu is 99.9%.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cropped-former-pfizer-chief-science-officer-says-1.jpg

Above Source: KUSI San Diego

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is c3tzr1g81unaps7vznxhuew5zm76dshwey7onmflxck2iqsnvgvcjw1vweybgkzbgwh7tivvs3jwiwqmkp6zej3qbyzygofvxj4bryano6q9xs3y3cex8za.png

Above chart source: Bloomberg News

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    1. You are right. It’s all about population control:
      Abortion legislation, euthanasia, LGBT (these people can’t procreate so less people are born), GMO, etc. and now the deadly mRNA gene therapy “vaccine”. According to the inscription engraved in the Georgia stone, they want to reduce the global population to 500 million people. More than 90% of the population has to die, so the elites can be “in harmony with the nature”, the inscription says!


  1. Has this important information been given to someone that could do something about it? It’s not enough to write about but to send it to the people that have the power to move.
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