Masks Don’t Work, a Review November 2021


Breaking: India Bar Association Files Criminal Case Accusing Bill Gates of “Mass Murder” With COVID Vaccines


So why are we wearing these things still?

MSN  8/12/2021: “Do masks actually work? The best studies suggest they don’t”

Townhall 8/2/2021: “Disease Expert Tells CNN: Most Masks Don’t Really Work Against Wuhan Coronavirus”

August 2021: “List Of 30 Studies Showing Face Masks Are Useless Against COVID-19”

MSN “6/2/2021: “Fauci said masks were not ‘really effective’ at blocking virus, emails reveal”

Daily Skeptic, May 2021: “Journal Retracts Study Showing Masks Don’t Work Claiming Science “Clearly Shows” Masks Work, But Fails to Cite Any Evidence”

WSAU News 7/21/2020: “Masks Don’t Stop Viruses – The Proof”

The River Cities Reader June 2020: “Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy”

Minnesota Woman Loses both Legs and both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot

Eight Democrats Blast Fauci’s Sadistic Dog Experiments, His Next Target: Your Children

A Simple, Provable Four Count Indictment of Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab

Israeli Mathematician Says Vaccination Causing Surge in Youth Deaths

Funeral Director Says mRNA Injection Deaths are Falsely Called COVID Deaths, Wave of Child mRNA Shot Deaths Will be Blamed on Unvaxxed

Former Pfizer Science Chief & VP Explains How Governments Are Pushing Deadly “Vaccines” with “8 COVID Lies”

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