99.8% Survival Rate Bug Day 280: Oxford Scientist Refuses to Back Down on Herd Immunity

From the Oxford-Stanford-Harvard trio of the world’s top epidemiologists who suggest further lockdowns are simply insane, and that herd immunity is misunderstood.  Oxford’s Dr. Gupta explains what is meant by herd immunity.  This is a truly enlightening short gem by one of the world’s epidemiology superstars.

It has been known since the end of May, according to the CDC, that COVID is a 99.8% survival rate virus, similar to flu, which is 99.9%.    While it is true that severe cases of COVID can have serious after-effects, this is true of any serious case of a respiratory disease, including flu.  The overall survival rate should not be confused with the confirmed case survival rate.  According to WHO 80% of COVID infections show no symptoms before the body develops its immune response and is no longer infectious.

Pour a cup of tea and enjoy.

Original interview of Oxford-Stanford-Harvard trio of the world’s top epidemiologists, authors of the Great Barrington Declaration against further lockdowns and social distancing.


More of What You Need to Know

  • CDC data published by Bloomberg News shows that for most age categories, the chances of dying of COVID are lower than the chances of dying of flu.


  • Mask study saying 130,000 lives could be saved by mask wearing was funded by Bill Gates.  Fauci and others are now hammering on the point that “130,000 lives” could be saved by everyone wearing masks.  Here is the study, conducted by University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME): “Universal Mask Wearing Could Save Some 130,000 Lives In The U.S., Study Suggests.”   Now who could be a the major funder of IHME?  You guessed it, Bill Gates.


  • In the Well Whaddya Know Corner...Flu nearly disappears afterDr. Deborah Birx of the US Coronavirus Task Force said in April:

    “If someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.”

MedpageToday: “CDC: COVID-19 Wiped Out the Flu Around the World This Year”

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5 thoughts on “99.8% Survival Rate Bug Day 280: Oxford Scientist Refuses to Back Down on Herd Immunity”

  1. It’s absolutely horrible what the governments of the world are doing the media and alot of doctors have gone along with this hoax there will be great reckoning in the world against the sheeple and the ones that desire freedom It’s quite unbelievable how stupid and obedient people are and how they will believe anything the government says


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