GOP RINO Legislators Play Dead in Face of Evidence of Democrat 2022 Election Fraud, No Injunctions or Court Actions.

Image: Hillary Clinton attorney and Democratic dirty trickster Marc Elias

The biggest enemy of those who voted Republican if fraud prevails in the 2022 midterms will not be the Democrats who perpetrated it, but the RINO GOP legislators in the states who did nothing. Where are the court injunctions to freeze the action, or demanding additional bipartisan observers? When the RINOS do nothing, fast and hard, fraud stands.

Meanwhile the mainstream media is busy pretending everything is fine, with the worst of them, MSN, proclaiming soothingly before the knife goes in: “Election 2022 live updates: Watchdog groups report routine problems.”

Partial Story Round-Up 6PM EDT

“Arizona officials in Maricopa County [Phoenix] on Tuesday said that roughly 20% of their polling sites were experiencing “issues” with tabulation machines just hours after Election Day polls opened.  “Unfortunately we’ve had some hiccups with about 20% of these tabulators,” Chairman to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Bill Gates told Fox News. “

Yahoo Sports: “Michigan election could see ‘red mirage’ with early returns showing Republicans ahead”

“Early election returns in Michigan could produce a so-called “red mirage” showing Republicans ahead as precincts begin reporting in-person votes while thousands of absentee ballots remain uncounted.

The results of key races in Michigan could remain unclear even as voters head to bed. And when they wake up, they could see the candidate who was ahead in early election night returns fall behind by the morning.

That’s what happened in 2020 in Michigan when unofficial election night results showed then-President Donald Trump ahead of now-President Joe Biden. But the unofficial count on election night did not include thousands of absentee votes.” [Gaslight Alert: No that is not what happened in MI 2020. Hundreds of thousands of ballots essentially 100% for Biden, an impossibility, were added in one fell swoop in the middle of the night, see chart below.]

“Election watchdogs reported routine issues in key battleground states Tuesday but no major problems as ballots were cast across the country.”

  • Michigan: RINOs Sitting on Hands as Election Officials Not Posting How Many Mail-ins Have Been Received, as Required by Law:
  • Pennsylvania alert from former congressional staffer Athan Koutsiouroumbas:

There is more, and the night is young. But this should be enough to show that the real enemy is not those who act as they have always acted, but those who profess to oppose them, but in truth quietly enable them.

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Democrats Boldly Announce Plans for the 2022 Election Fix: Why Are GOP Legislators Just Sitting with Their Thumbs Up Their Butts?

As the 2022 midterm elections begin, key Democrats have started reciting the talking point that results may not be known for days, meaning, it might take days to find enough votes to cheat. Senate candidate John Fetterman in PA saying it is one thing. But deep swamp creature and Hillary Clinton attorney Marc Elias is another.

Elias is the bullshit artist who gets trotted out whenever there is some serious lying to be done.

Elias said that because Republicans insisted on not starting to count mail-in ballots until 7am on election day, this is their fault because mail-ins take longer. Elias prefers a pre-count, to have a better idea of how many votes need to be created out of thin air, which will never be signature-verified anyway just like Fulton County, GA in 2020.

Most western democracies now count ballots, even in major cities, by hand instead of Dominion and similar machines, and they know the winners usually on the same day, or the day after. Ballots are counted by hand in GermanyCanadaFrance, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, and at least 53 other countries

A US precinct is a very uniform thing, with the average precinct size at about 1,100 registered voters. The smallest in the US is 400, and the largest is 2,700. If only one person in a precinct were doing all the counting, if three minutes were spent on each ballot, it would take 48 man-hours to get through all of them.

In other words Elias is full of it, and he is in charge of preparing people to take a screwing.

But there is a bigger problem. It is the problem which allows Elias to go on camera and talk that way. The problem is RINO GOP state legislators and congressmen who aren’t on the floors right now calling out Elias and putting him on the hot seat. He is not an election official. Who told him these things? Election officials have known the rules. Why weren’t they asking for help? Why all of a sudden now it’s going to take days?

Most importantly maybe, why are GOP reps not getting their butts to the counting rooms and precincts, to bear witness first hand to what is going on? Republicans should be demanding that every mail-in ballot undergo bipartisan, observed signature verification.

Voters should be calling their RINOs and demanding they look alive.

[end article]

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Above image: Maria Piacese at 14

At age 14 Maria Piacesi confirmed Biden pinched her nipple in an infamous photo session with other adults present, but distracted, in an Instragram appearing to be genuine. The post she would not pursue it for fear of losing friends and being called a liar.

As film slows down you can distinctly see Piacesi flinching and pulling away from Biden, who is smoothly keeping peoples’ eyes on him not the girl. Extremely damning is that the Snopes Democratic “debunk” machine can only conclude weakly in “Did Joe Biden Pinch a Girl’s Nipple?” that it is “up for debate.” That is as close as Snopes gets to a “true.”


Close-up still shot of the moment Maria Piacesi jerks forward away from Biden (high resolution video here, start at 5 seconds in)

Below: screenshots of alleged exchange in social media with Maria Piacesi, now 14 years old. (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE)


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