Election Watch 2022: Interactive Map of Observer Rules in Each State, Including Signature Verification for Mail-in Ballots. Become an Observer #StopTheNextSteal

Policies for Election Observers

Example, Colorado:

“Partisan observers are permitted to observe each step in the conduct of the election. This includes observing ballot receipt and processing, signature verification of mail ballot envelopes, ballot duplication and ballot tabulation (Colo. Rev. State 1-7-108; 8 CCR 1505-1(8.10.2))”

Below: Image of interactive map to see what mail-in ballot, signature verification observer rules are in each state, go to NCLS.org then click on state in map.


New Election Integrity App VotifyNow Allows Users To Share Election Integrity Concerns (Gateway Pundit)

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They Are Not Stopping: Bill Gates Invests a New $200 Million in Digital ID Surveillance System Based on Vaccine Passports

Sign of another pandemic coming that “will get attention,” in Gates’ words?

Above image : Gates with Klaus Schwab at World Economic Forum

Via Life Site News, October 7, 2022: “Gates Foundation gives $200 million to help establish global digital ID system of surveillance”

One commentator explained that ‘of all the other means of identifying and tracking subjects, digital identity poses perhaps the gravest technological threat to individual liberty yet conceived.’

(LifeSiteNews) — The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently pledged $1.27 billion toward the United Nations’ openly pro-abortion 2030 Agenda goals, with $200 million going directly to aid in the creation of an invasive global digital ID system.

“According to a September 21 press release published on the Gates Foundation’s website, the $200 million package will be used to create an infrastructure that “encompasses tools such as interoperable payment systems, digital ID, data-sharing systems, and civil registry databases” that purports to make countries “more resilient to crises such as food shortages, public health threats, and climate change, as well as to aid in pandemic and economic recovery.”

Rectenwald went on to say that digital ID “has the potential to trace, track and surveil subjects and to compile a complete record of all activity, from cradle to grave.”…

Read: Twenty States Ban Vaccine Passports

Corey Lynn, an investigative journalist who has continuously emphasized the need to oppose vaccine passports, explained on her blog that COVID-19 played a key role in the establishment of a global digital identity system in line with the 2030 Agenda goals by normalizing the idea of an international ID system with the use of vaccine passports.

“Simply put, the pandemic is to mandate an experimental gene therapy that the CDC likes to refer to as a ‘vaccine,’” she wrote. “That ‘vaccine’ is for purposes of getting everyone onto a vaccine ID passport. The passport is to force everyone into the new global social credit system.”

Lynn continued, “That system is to bring the global population to full obedience, as the globalists control everyone’s access and spending to anything and everything in life, through the use of the new CBDC (central bank digital currency) system they are building toward.””

[End Life Site News article excerpt]

Evidence of Gates foreknowledge of another pandemic, Gates in documentary: The next pandemic “WILL get attention.”   (View Clip on Rumble)     (Full documentary on Gates)


Gates: People will have digital identification “certificates” (View at Bitchute)

Former High Bush Sr. Administration Official Catherine Austin Fitts Unravels the Real Covid Agenda (view at Rumble)

Other Gates Digital Surveillance Projects


 Qantum-dot tattoo


Twenty States Ban Vaccine Passports

Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Files Nuremberg 2.0 Criminal Complaint at International Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague, “Crimes Against Humanity,” Names Gates, Schwab, Fauci et al

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WEF Klaus Schwab Advisor Yuval Harari Spills the Beans on the “Great Reset”: Free Will is “Over.” Dr. Mike Yeadon: Believe Them.

Above image, Professor Yuval Harari, webpage at World Economic Forum

Any package, pallet or container can now be equipped with a sensor, transmitter or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that allows a company to track where it is as it moves through the supply chain—how it is performing, how it is being used, and so on….In the near future, similar monitoring systems will also be applied to the movement and tracking of people.” — Klaus Schwab, author of The Great Reset, founder of the World Economic Forum, in his book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”

World Economic Forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab advisor Yuval Harari, “humans are now hackable animals”…”free will…is over” (View at Rumble)

Yuval Harari, Technology is Creating a Class of ‘Meaningless, Worthless’ People (View at Rumble)

Below: Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Chief Science Officer and VP for Pfizer: “When People Tell You What They’re Going to Do, Don’t Ignore Them.” “COVID is only the beginning” of a ten year plan to enslave humanity. (view at Rumble)

Bush Sr. Administration Official Catherine Austin Fitts Explains How Vaccine Mandates, Vax Passports, and the Great Reset Fit Together (view at Rumble)

Related: Yuval Harari, CNN Becky Anderson interview


COVID Vaccinated Continue to Report Bizarre, Horrific Debilitations a Year Later

Featured: What You Can do to Prevent Election Fraud in November: Demand Full Local Signature-Matching of Mail-In Ballots, with Observers Present


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Bill Gates Funded the Professor Who Created “Lockdown” Theory Used to Justify Police State

Ron Paul Exposes Bill Gates and the “Great Reset”

Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Files Nuremberg 2.0 Crimes Against Humanity Complaint, Names Gates, Schwab, Fauci. Coming Vaccine Deaths of “Biblical Proportions”

Ex-Pfizer Chief Science Officer Identifies Deadly Experimentation with COVID Vaccine Batches Given to Public

Twenty States Ban Vaccine Passports, Woman Drops Dead in Pharmacy 15 Minutes After Untested Booster

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