NPR Promotes Misinformation Study Claiming That Vaccines Save Lives, Based on Deceptive Definition of “Vaccinated”

Using a paper which bases its findings on a CDC definition of “vaccinated” which means one is vaccinated only after 14 days have passed after the second shot in a two-shot series, or 14 days after the one-shot drug, NPR has repeated the claim that over 300,000 lives would have been saved from higher COVID vaccination rates.

In other words, for example, anyone who dies of COVID, or anything else, who never took the second shot of a two-shot series, or who dies less than 14 days after the second shot, or who dies fewer than 14 days after the one shot drug, is counted as “unvaccinated.”

This vastly reduces the number of people who are counted as vaccinated, who have nevertheless been injected. 80% of unexpected deaths after a COVID shot take place within 14 days of any COVID vaccine injection (see chart below.)

Below chart source

The number of people who chose against the second shot of a two part program is significant. The statistics website Our World in Data confirms that as of October 2022, nearly 40 million people in the US declined the second shot of a two-part series.

Defining “vaccinated” as 14 days out from the final shot increases the number of people who died who were counted as unvaccinated, who in fact had been injected with the experimental drugs.

The paper cited by NPR was conducted by researchers at the Brown University School of Public Health and Microsoft AI Health, and shared exclusively with NPR. Microsoft AI Health is funded by Microsoft Corporation, which was founded by Bill Gates.

The data-fudging opens the speculation that the vaccines may be somehow related to catching COVID afterwards, hiding a vaccine side effect as COVID. For more on this see:

Getting Maximum Mileage Out of a Bad Paper

The definition of vaccinated underlying the paper’s conclusions has been incorporated into other estimates of COVID deaths among the “unvaccinated.” One of these holds that red US counties which heavily voted for Trump had more COVID deaths.

NPR says of the Brown/Microsoft paper:

“The map of states with the most preventable deaths shows a sharp political divide – as NPR has reported, people living in counties that voted for then-President Trump in the 2020 election were three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than people who lived in counties that voted for President Biden.”

Thus the flawed 14-day assumption is parlayed into yet another pro-COVID vaccine scare piece.

The NPR article based on an NPR analysis – “Pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death rates. Misinformation is to blame” – neglects to note that heavily red counties have a significantly older median age than heavily blue counties, which lean heavily toward younger aged urban areas and college towns.

Below: US youngest and oldest counties, dark blu dots are cities and metropolitqn areas (source) (click for larger image)

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