Undebunked: Two Detroit, Michigan Officials Certified 2020 Election Only Under Duress, and Formally Recanted, MI Electoral Votes Invalid

There is still no rebuttal or denial of a basic fact concerning Michigan’s 16 votes in the Electoral College: Two of Michigan’s four certifying officials for Wayne County, which is Detroit, have sworn affidavits that they voted to certify Wayne County for Biden under duress, and wished to reverse their votes.

From DetroitNews.com “GOP canvassers try to rescind votes to certify Wayne County election“:

“GOP canvassers try to rescind votes to certify Wayne County election Two Republican Wayne County canvassers have signed affidavits saying they regret their votes Tuesday to certify the Nov. 3 election, arguing that “intense bullying and coercion” plus bad legal advice forced them to agree to certify the election after they had voted no.”

What was the “intense bullying and coercion?”

ABC News 12Woman accused of threatening Wayne County Board of Canvassers chairwoman“:

“Palmer voted against certifying the county’s results, which showed Democrat Joe Biden with a decisive win over President Donald Trump in Wayne County.Schneider said Jones began sending text messages to Palmer’s phone early the following morning. Jones allegedly called Palmer a racist and a terrorist while using “graphic and profane language,” he said.The text messages also included images of a bloody, naked and mutilated woman’s body lying on the ground — immediately followed by a photo of Palmer’s young daughter and a message reading, “I’d just like you to imagine that’s…your beautiful daughter,” according to Schneider.Another message allegedly from Jones read, “You should be afraid, your daughter should be afraid, and so should” your husband, using his name.”

In any and all areas of the law, a contract or agreement signed under duress is null and void, no matter how much time has passed. If the Wayne County certifiers formally rescinded their votes, then all of Biden’s votes for Wayne County, the state’s most populous county, cannot be included in the totals.

Michigan is one of the four out of five swing states, WI, MI, PA, GA, and AZ, which saw sudden, middle of the night jumps of 100K+ votes, all for Biden, a red flag so suspicious that, all by itself, it should have triggered a flood of investigations, signature-matching, and hand recounts. Instead, “glitches” and various unlikely explanations were trotted out.

Whatever the status of ongoing 2020 election challenges in these other states, it is settled law that Wayne County, MI does not have a valid certification for it 2020 election results.

Huge Biden Spikes in Swing States ONLY Proves 2020 Coup by Democrats

One state showing 100,000+ 100% Biden votes in the middle of the night: maybe. Two: huh? But 4 out of the 5 key swing states, and no place else, showing the same election-stealing pattern is what puts the nail in the coffin. Otherwise we’d see these 100K+ pro-Biden mail-in ballot spikes – the official explanation for the spikes – in other states besides the swing states.

The swing states in 2020 were WI, MI, PA, GA, and AZ.

The 2000 Mules documentary serves the purpose of putting forth a possible mechanism for the accumulation of fraudulent, illegal votes, but that is hardly necessary in order to reasonably conclude that there was election fraud on a national scale. The odds that precisely the same, anomalous, Biden leapfrog pattern, always in the wee hours of the morning when it would least be noticed, taking place in four out of the five battleground states and nowhere else, are astronomical. This was an obvious Democrat overthrow of the duly elected government from the start.

That the spikes took place is not denied by the Biden-aligned “fact checkers.” The Reuters “fact check” “Vote spikes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania do not prove election fraud” concludes:

“The vote spikes did occur, but they were not only Biden votes and can be explained by pro-Biden county vote dumps and a clerical error.”

Media “debunks” contend that the vertical line jumps were not all votes for Biden, but that is exactly what a vertical line in a graph means.

But if there were “pro-Biden county vote dumps,” on the scale of 100K+ votes all for Biden, they would be seen randomly across the other 45 states. That they were only in the states needed to win is beyond what the reasonable mind can accept.

In key swing state Georgia (key swing states in 2020 were MI, WI, PA, GA, and AZ) a similar all-Biden vote spike is seen, also in the wee hours of the morning after election day (source: Baltimore Post Examiner.) (Click for larger below image)

Pennsylvania vote spike, hearing:

Again, “debunks” center on the explanation that 100% Biden mail-in batches could be responsible for the spikes, even though precincts as Democratic as Bronx still registered 12% for Trump in 2020. But if this were true, the 100K- spikes would have been scattered randomly across the country. Not just 4 out of the 5 key swing states.

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[Note: In order to certify election results, votes are reconciled by verifying that the number of ballots cast in each precinct matches the number of registered voters in each precinct. This year, COVID-19 related health concerns prompted many voters to cast their votes by mail. With the high volume of mail-in votes cast, Wayne County election officials established vote counting centers where all mail-in ballots were tallied.

Mail-in ballots that were counted at vote counting centers rather than precinct polling stations were unable to be counted against the total number of registered voters.

Wayne County’s website showed thousands of mail-in votes were cast by non-registered voters. Therefore, based on public records, it’s impossible to see the total number of ballots cast in each county precinct because those ballots were tallied in separate centers and not logged against the precinct’s voter registration.

There is no way to know [accurate results] without knowing the total registered voters]

Ms. Articia Bomer witnessed ballot fraud in Detroit and explains how it was done! 


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