Vaccine Pioneer Dr. Robert Malone Says Monkeypox May Have Been Gene-Edited for Easier Transmission, Wuhan Lab Admits to Synthesizing Virus

Citing a  May 19, 2022 report from the Portuguese National Institute of Health. a pioneer in the development of the mRNA technology on which most COVID vaccines are based says that the monkeypox variants now being rapidly discovered show signs of gene editing.

Dr. Robert Malone, a former researcher at the Salks Institute who did post-doctoral clinical research at Harvard, writes that the Portuguese report indicates that the new variants:

“could be due to natural evolution or due to laboratory engineering/gain of function “research”..

..[the] genome of this virus is either evolving more rapidly than one would expect from a double stranded DNA poxvirus…or somebody has been messing around with it.”

Dr. Malone writes:

Furthermore, this double stranded DNA virus, infections by which have historically been self-limiting, appears to be evolving (during the last few days!) to a form that is more readily transmitted from human to humanBad news.”

Dr. Malone wrote his observations in his Substack “Monkey Pox Update” of May 31st.

The Portuguese National Institute of Health report is “First draft genome sequence of Monkeypox virus associated with the suspected multi-country outbreak, May 2022.”

The report emerges as a study published in February 2022 in the official Chinese state virology journal reveals that the Chinese Communist Party-controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology, the main bioweapons arm of the People’s Liberation Army, genetically synthesized at least part of the monkeypox virus recently, claiming it had no access to samples of the naturally occurring virus for experimental purposes.

Despite Anthony Fauci frequently referring, in his famous clashes with Senator Rand Paul, to Wuhan lab scientists as “partners,” a US State Department fact sheet states:

“Despite the WIV [Wuhan Institute of Virology] presenting itself as a civilian institution, the United States has determined that the WIV has collaborated on publications and secret projects with China’s military.”

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said in 2021:

“…the Chinese military ordered scientists at the Wuhan lab to experiment with coronaviruses as early as 2017…some of those viruses were 96.2% similar to the current coronavirus.”

In a June 2021 article in The Australian, “US paid Chinese People’s Liberation Army to engineer coronaviruses,” reporter Sharri Markson noted that the first patent application for a vaccine for COVID was filed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, under the name of the lead inventor and decorated military scientist Zhou Yusen and the Institute of Military Medicine, Academy of Military Sciences of the People’s Liberation Army.

Zhou Yusen, who passed away in 2020, was a colleague of Shi Zhengli, AKA the “Bat Woman” who discovered the COVID virus, whom NBC has reported has links to secret Chinese military programs.

Nikolai Petrovsky, a medical researcher at Flinders University who was working on a Covid-19 vaccine in 2021 when the article was published, called the time frame, “remarkable.”

“This is something we have never seen achieved before, raising the question of whether this work may have started much earlier,” Professor Petrovsky said.

Wuhan Lab Scientists Say They Had No Choice But to Synthesize Easily Available Monkeypox Virus

In the journal Virologica Sinica, in the February 2022 Wuhan Institute of Virology paper Efficient Assembly of a Large Fragment of Monkeypox Virus Genome as a qPCR Template Using Dual-Selection Based Transformation-Associated Recombination,” Chinese scientists claim they had no choice but to assemble new monkeypox viruses from scratch, because there has never been an outbreak in China. The scientists write:

“Since MPXV [monkeypox] infection has never been associated with an outbreak in China, the viral genomic material required for qPCR detection is unavailable.”

The study centers on what the team says is the development of a test – “qPCR detection” – for monkeypox.

But science presenter Dr. John Campbell, a retired nursing educator at the University of Cumbria, savaged the claim.

Campbell said:

“The Chinese authorities, it would appear, are incapable of getting hold of monkeypox virus, so they have to basically make their own using synthetic techniques…the monkeypox virus is readily available in labs in Nigeria, Congo, the United Kingdom, presumably now in the United States, several places in Europe, and the virus is available from any one who has symptomatic monkeypox.  Anyone who’s got a pustule with monkeypox, just take a scraping and then you’ve got the virus.  So the idea that the Chinese authorities can’t get a sample of the actual virus and have to synthesize their own, I’m not buying it.” (emphasis added)

Dr. Campbell said that the Chinese scientific team’s claim that it was forced to synthesize, by gene splicing, the monkeypox virus, requires one to believe that the Chinese government could not send its agents across the world, with sufficient funds, and return with a vial of monkeypox.

“Do not buy that at all” says Dr. Campbell.

Below: May 31, 2022, Dr. John Campbell reports on monkeypox work at Wuhan and NIH (view at Rumble)

Charge Against Fauci of Lying to Congress Still Under Investigation by DOJ; Prescient March 2021 Monkeypox Simulation Backed by Bill Gates

The new revelations – that rapidly changing monkeypox may be gene-edited, and that China has been engaged in gene-splicing monkeypox recently, under a weak pretext – recalls the heated controversy over the origins of COVID. Specifically, over whether it was man-made, and even more specifically, made in the Wuhan lab.

Now Anthony Fauci has done an abrupt about-face, conceding that man-made origins are possible, after emails revealed that he was being told of this possibility by scientist advisors under US government contract, as he diligently worked to squash all such talk.

The man-made origins theory, which was called “baseless” and “conspiracy theory” throughout the major media, also came to be supported by former CDC Director Robert Redfield, Dr. Steven Quay, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, Australian virologist Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky, and National Taiwan University College of Public Health Professor Fang Chi-tai, among many others.

But these opinions would never see the light of day on CNN or MSNBC broadcasts. 

Going farther than COVID being a man-made accident, of course, are scientist like exiled Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan, who says COVID was a deliberately released “bio-weapon.”

Exiled Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan, creation of COVID was deliberate (view at Bitchute)

Senior CCP intellectual Prof. Ping Chen boasted in 2021 that China had won a “biological warfare” against the United States. The rough equivalent would be someone like Henry Kissinger going on Youtube and bragging that he had fatally undermined the Chinese government, but most Chinese didn’t even know it yet.

Senior Chinese Communist Party member Prof. Ping Chen

Last year Fauci was accused by Senator Rand Paul of lying to Congress over his role in approving funding for “gain-of-function” research on bat coronaviruses at Wuhan lab. According to NIH grant documents, the functionality which was studied, through gene-editing, was improved transmission from human to human (see Steve Hilton report below.) Sen. Paul eventually referred Fauci to the Biden US Department of Justice, and the case has since disappeared into a black hole.

Below: Senator Rand Paul confronts Fauci over approving NIH funding to Wuhan lab for gain-of-function research on making coronaviruses more transmissible (view at Rumble)

Now it turns out, in another remarkable coincidence, that an organization backed by Bill Gates, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, held a monkeypox outbreak simulation back in March 2021, a full 14 months before the first reported small monkeypox outbreaks. More amazingly, the simulation foresaw the first outbreaks being reported on May 15, 2022, which misses the date of the actual reports by only a couple of weeks.

Below: Graphic from page 10 of March 2021, Gates-backed monkeypox simulation “Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats.” (click for larger image)

Cover: March 2021 “Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats.” (Report issued November 2021)

Such prescience was also displayed with Event 201, another Gates-backed simulation held nearly two months before the first reports of a mysterious respiratory illness originating from bats emerged from Wuhan, China.

And yet the US media will doubtless immediately lecture and browbeat anyone with the temerity to suggest that everything monkeypox is anything but a normal, natural scourge, for which we must now renew our fealty and obedience to world and national health authorities, who have only our interest and long-term happiness at heart.

Steve Hilton Investigative Report on Fauci-NIH Funding to Wuhan Lab for gain-of-function research, February 2, 2021 (View at Bitchute)

Below: Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine pioneer turned skeptic, explains how mRNA injections weaken immune systems  (Links to doctors’ and scientists’ calls for halts to mass vaccinations, partial list: 1234.)

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