MA Town of Beverly Tables Vaccine Mandate After Public Outrage

A Zoom meeting is not a public meeting, because not everyone has a computer with broadband. Politicians are hiding behind a 99.9% recovery rate virus to avoid pubic meeting laws.


BEVERLY, MA — A proposed coronavirus vaccination order to enter Beverly businesses was pulled from the agenda and the Beverly Board of Health subsequently abandoned a special meeting to discuss reimposing an indoor mask mandate after the virtual meeting was overrun by vocal opponents of further restrictions Tuesday afternoon.

“The Board of Health attempted to conduct a public meeting today to consider a proposed indoor mask mandate order,” the city said in a statement to Patch about two hours after the Board of Health sent the official meeting to a recess and never returned to the Google Meet session. “When it became clear that Board members could not facilitate their needed discussion and deliberation, they adjourned the meeting.

“We anticipate the Board will schedule another meeting in the near future for the purpose of considering the indoor mask mandate order.”

The Beverly Board of Health called the special meeting with both a business-entry vaccination order and a mask mandate for indoor public spaces on the agenda amid the recent surge in coronavirus cases.

But Board of Health member William Alpine said at the outset of the meeting that the vaccine order was being removed from the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting and only the mask mandate would be discussed and considered for a possible vote.

Board of Health members then attempted to begin the discussion on the mask mandate but sent the meeting to recess after about 15 minutes when more than 350 people flooded the virtual meeting with frequent interruptions and there was no mechanism to mute those not scheduled to speak.

More than 20 minutes after the Board of Health members and other officials left the remote session, more than 250 people remained on the call organizing and discussing strategies to oppose future mandates… FULL ARTICLE

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