Georgia Doctor Carrie Madej Reports Seemingly “Alive” Parasite-Like Objects in “Vaccines”

Late Breaking: Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Platform Accuses “Great Reset” Mastermind Klaus Schwab of “Racketeering” with Pandemic

Soon after the Japanese Health Ministry withdrew 1.6 million doses of the Moderna injection, as a result of the discovery of  “a substance that reacts to magnets” and a “black” substance, different scientists and doctors have examined vials of the injections under high-powered microscopes and reported horrific findings.

In Spain, an independent journalist Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna (“The Fifth Column”) says that he has provided a vial of the Pfizer injection to the University of Almeria for a contract analysis, and that results obtained by the team led by biochemistry Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid showed, to a strong degree of confidence, the presence of graphene oxide, a black nano-particle substance.

Prof. Campra’s study and conclusions have been the subject of a campaign of “debunks,” such as by Reuters, which twisted Campra’s conclusion by taking out of context his words: “does not provide conclusive evidence.” Reuters wrote:

“The allegations are based on an analysis by a professor in Spain which has been rejected by experts. He obtained what he himself described as non-conclusive results after studying one vial.”

[English translation of Campra study}

But the professor’s full statement reads:

“Microscopic study of the sample provides strong evidence for the probable presence of graphene derivatives, although microscopy does not provide conclusive evidence.”

Reuters engages in a transparent deception by homing in on the hedge words “does not provide conclusive evidence,” while omitting the thrust of the paragraph: “the sample provides strong evidence for the probable presence of graphene derivatives.” This kind of dishonesty and disregard for readers’ intelligence can be seen over and over in major media “debunks” of evidence of vaccine dangers. Reuters is a 150 year-old, previously to be trusted news institution.

Graphene-family nanoparticles (GFN) are highly toxic, and are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. The question must be asked, why are such strained attempts at lying, by major news organizations, taking place?

UK alternative health practitioner is reporting that blood samples from “vaccinated” patients display blood cell clumping, dead and damaged cells, and unnatural microscopic tube-like structures.

Now Dr. Carrie Madej internist in Forest Park, Georgia who received her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medicine, reports that objects which seem to be alive are visible under a microscope are visible at 400x magnification in sample vials she received, of the Moderna and the J&J. Dr. Madej describes her findings in the interview below.

Below: Dr. Carrie Madej (view at Bitchute)

Object under microscope of Moderna COVID injection sample, reported by Dr. Carrie Madej

Brave Denver Police Officer Crippled by Mandated Vax, Breaks Down on TV ‘Can’t Carry My Kids to Bed’

In one of the latest of many thousands of examples of unparalleled cruelty unfolding in America over a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate for people under 50, which it is now all but agreed had man-made origins which may have been assisted by NIH funding approved by Anthony Fauci to a Chinese military bioweapons lab, a Denver police officer has gone public with his story of being crippled by a mandatory COVID injection commonly called a “vaccine,” a description which many scientists object to.

Denver Police Officer Jose Manriquz was a fabulously fit runner and father of four before the Denver PD forced him to take the Pfizer mRNA injection to keep his job. Now he says he can’t walk without assistance. His doctor believes it was the shot, and that he may not recover for years, if ever. Manriquez’s lawyer is representing nine other Denver police officers with various serious health issues after taking the injections.

Below: Denver Police Officer Jose Manriquez Speaks Out (view on Bitchute)

As first responders, such as Officer Manriquez, who put their lives on the line for us suffer, billionaire Bill Gates has declared that there will be “no normalcy” until the entire world population has received “vaccinations” in which he is heavily invested. Gates says :“You don’t have a choice.”

Bill Gates: “Normalcy” (View at Bitchute)

Reported deaths possibly linked to the COVID injections have gone over  15,000, according to the CDC’s VAERS reporting system, with over 20,000 permanent disabilities, and over 400 miscarriages. One-third of the deaths occurred within 48 hours, in one large sampling. The number of reported deaths and injuries from the ongoing clinical trials drugs is now many times the number of reported deaths from all vaccines combined since 1990, when the reporting system began.

Below source: The Desert Review. Note: reported deaths for last data-point now over 15,000

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vaerschart.png

Officer Manriquez was injured in August. Last week a US Army Flight Surgeon assigned to the 1st Aviation Brigade in Ft. Rucker, Alabama,  grounded all of her vaccinated pilots, citing two deaths and numerous sudden, unexplained severe debilitations, and invoked the  Military Whistleblower Protection Act of 1988 in order to petition Judge Raymond P. Moore, United States District Court District of Colorado, for an injunction ordering the US Secretary of Defense to halt all COVID injections of US military personnel.

In the meantime, the US Congress has passed a bill which exempts its own members, and their staffs, from any government vaccine mandates, as reported by Newsweek.

Governments and the major media stand accused by scientists such as Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, of engaging in a year-and-a-half long campaign of “demonstrable lies” about case numbers, PCR test accuracy, true death numbers, and life-saving remedies such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow recently mocked the use of Ivermectin for COVID treatment as ignorant foolishness, even though many countries such as India and Mexico have reported excellent results and 80% – 90% lower COVID death rates. Maddow said Ivermectin was only for horses and livestock, even though it has a human version which is a Nobel Prize-winning drug for many on-label and off-label conditions.

Despite the new permanent health panic atmosphere, globally, no more people died than were expected to die in 2020, under normal circumstances. A handful of mostly European countries and the US did register up to 13% excess deaths.

As for the question of how so much of the institutional media and medicine could be so vilely corrupt, researchers note that Big Pharma and mainstream media are largely owned by two asset management firms: BlackRock and Vanguard, which are in turn controlled by a small number of families, primary among them he Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Bushes. Big Pharma, in turn, provides half of the FDA’s annual funding. The FDA recently disregarded the advice of its own safety committee in approving “booster shots,” which are even less tested than the present shots.

Journeyman Pictures has released a documentary which details how universities and medical institutions are beholden to Big Pharma for research dollars, and in essence pays for the conclusions it wants studies to reach.

On the corruption of the “Medical Establishment”: ‘“The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine” (below.)

As for the larger purpose of all this skulduggery, former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul points to the readily available writings of elite businessmen-visionaries such as Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and author of “The Great Reset.” Dr. Paul explains that the goal of elites is to eradicate individual liberty among the great masses and to make them slaves in a new societal order. Paul writes:

This Great Reset is about expanding government power and suppressing liberty worldwide…The Great Reset will dramatically expand the surveillance state via real-time tracking. It will also mandate that people receive digital certificates in order to travel and even technology implanted in their bodies to monitor them.” (See: Ron Paul Exposes Bill Gates and the “Great Reset”)

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US Army Flight Surgeon Is Grounding “Vaccinated” Pilots, Citing Deaths, Calls for Halt to Shots for Military

Two active duty US Army doctors have filed affidavits in a lawsuit for a preliminary injunction in Federal District Court, before Judge Raymond P. Moore, United States District Court District of Colorado, under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act of 1988. The lawsuit calls for an immediate halt to further COVID-19 “vaccinations” for all military personnel. The lawsuit has been verified and reported in the Washington Times[Military complaint and exhibits]

The shots are commonly referred to as “vaccines,” but many scientists and doctors dispute that description. According to the Washington Times, Lt. Col. Long is assigned to the 1st Aviation Brigade in Ft. Rucker, Alabama,  and is responsible for certifying the fitness of 4,000 flight-ready airmen…FULL ARTICLE...

Bill Gates Dictates: No “Normalcy” Until All Submit to Experimental Shots, “You Don’t Have a Choice”

As the Biden administration orders businesses to force their employees to submit to experimental shots, on pain of families losing their livelihoods and being left to starve, a video heavily censored and repeatedly taken down on Youtube has surfaced again, of Bill Gates last year dictating government policy. All that Gates pronounced has been coming to pass, with the iron-fisted help of the Biden administration, whom half the country does not believe was legitimately elected.

Gates said:

normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population.” 

Gates also said that “you don’t have a choice.”

Little known to the public, and unreported in the mainstream media, at the start of the pandemic last year Gates directly funded the professor who created the “lockdown” theory, which was used by governments to justify vastly expanded powers over the individual in the name of public health. 


Despite Grave Warnings from Scientists, Judge Orders MA State Troopers to Take “Vaccine” Injections

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