US Officer: Biden Ignored Solid Evacuation Plans, Priority Remains Forcing Record-Death Clot-Shots on Americans

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A former CIA analyst and military intelligence officer accused Joe Biden this week of telling a “profound bold-faced lie” in his Afghanistan speech when he said “every contingency” had been planned for, including the evacuation of tens of thousands of Americans now trapped behind Taliban lines. In an August 15th “Security Alert” American citizens have been told by the US State Department not to go to the airport but to “shelter in place,” i.e. hide.

Buttressing the intelligence officer’s claims, a leaked State Department cable directly contradicts the administration’s prior statements that the rapid fall of Kabul could not have been foreseen, as diplomats in Kabul warned the administration of exactly that as far back as July 13, and according to the Wall Street Journal, “offered recommendations on ways to mitigate the crisis and speed up an evacuation.” Hundreds if not thousands of Americans remain stranded in the country.

On August 18, more than a month after the cable from the US State Department’s most critical hotspot in decades, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters at the Pentagon:

“There was nothing that I or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days,”

It has been reported that the Taliban is going door-to-door in search of what it considers enemies of the new regime.

In the meantime, on the other side of the world, freedom dying in Afghanistan seems but a fast-forward to what is happening in America, “Land of the Free.” The Biden administration continues its push to force, even door-to-door, Americans to submit to mRNA bio-agents with the highest reported death and injury rates in vaccine history, according to the CDC’s own reporting system, and is now threatening to restrict interstate travel regardless of the risks the shots, which a Wall Street Journal article associates with heart inflammation, thrombosis (blood clots), and death.

Other frequently reported permanent injuries are constant convulsions, seizures, lack of ability to think clearly, strokes, and loss of connection with “God.”

There are now over 500,000 “adverse events” entered into the  CDC’s  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, (VAERS,) including  12,000 deaths, 41,000 hospitalizations, 13,000 permanent disabilities, 11,000 “life threatening,” and 300 birth defects. One-third of the deaths  occurred within 48 hours, in one large sample.

Crippling COVID Experimental Vaccine Reactions – Video   (View at Bitchute)

Some distinguished scientists fear coming massive casualties from the shots from inflammation and organ damage, which will be blamed by the media and politicians on the “unvaccinated. ” Scientists say the long-term damage from the “vaccines” is cleverly engineered to be indistinguishable from COVID deaths.

Biden and Taliban Both Use Starvation, Door-to-Door Intimidation

In one of an ironic set of government overreach parallels, the Biden administration has begun door-to-door “vaccine” injection and information gathering, to private homes, seeking out people who, for whatever reasons of their own, have chosen not to submit to injections of substances already possibly responsible, according to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, for more injuries and deaths than for all vaccines combined since the reporting system began, for a virus for which known remedies are available, but are being withheld.

Apparently ruthlessness is not the sole province of the Taliban.

In global aggregate, in 2020, there were no excess deaths from all causes, i.e. more deaths than expected in a normal year. The “pandemic” affected mostly the US and small number of other NATO countries.

US CIA Analyst and Army Intelligence Officer Says Biden Given Evacuation Plans “Months” in Advance

Capt. Matt Zeller, a former Ghazni Forward Operating Base Intelligence Officer, told Brian Williams on MSNBC, the day after the fall of Kabul, that he and others had been sending detailed evacuation plans to Biden for “months,” with only indifference in response.

 Zeller said:

“we sent them plan after plan on how to evacuate these people. Nobody listened to us, they didn’t plan for the evacuation of our Afghan wartime allies…”

In the most shocking part of the interview Zeller said:

“we could have done it, we had all the people and equipment in place to be able to save these people months ago and we did nothing”

A destined-to-be iconic image hit the Internet yesterday of a man falling to his death from an over-packed cargo plane full of fleeing civilians.



In yet another tragic report this week, the first female mayor of an Afghan city, 27-year-old Zarifa Ghafari, said that she was just sitting with her family waiting for Taliban soldiers to come kill her.

As over $2 trillion and 2,500 US military deaths evaporates into the most humiliating defeat in US history, far worse than Saigon, when Nixon evacuated almost every American and thousands of Vietnamese nationals before the fall, Biden retains a laser-like focus on threatening Americans with loss of livelihood, and free participation in the economy, if they do not submit to unwanted injections.

Although the administration says it opposes federal mandates, it vigorously advocates for private businesses to do its bidding by instituting injection mandates at every level of society, even though Pfizer and Moderna themselves have warned that people with certain allergies and conditions should definitely not get the shots, now being referred to as “clot shots.”

It does not matter in the least to the administration that hundreds of millions of Americans might be doomed to starvation or death through lack of medical services. Just as it does not matter what happens to Americans stuck in Afghanistan.

Starvation of opposition is a well-worn tool used by the Taliban throughout its history to enforce its will.

The inventor of mRNA technology, unreported in the media, says that late-breaking data shows that the products are not behaving as intended and have placed recipients in “danger,” as spike proteins have failed to stay anchored at the injection site. (Links to doctors’ and scientists’ calls for halts to mass vaccinations, partial list: 1234.)

 The Biden administration acknowledges that the virus may be man-made.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor emeritus of the University of Mainz (view at Bitchute)

Bill Gates University Pulls Patient Off Transplant List for Refusing Shots

In other news reflecting a Taliban-like level of ruthlessness in achieving objectives , the University of Washington Medical Center is reportedly removing people who have been waiting years for transplants from their lists because they refuse the injections. UW in Seattle, the home of Bill Gates, is heavily funded by Gates, who has given UW over $1.25 billion over the last few years.

Calls to Impeach Grow

Shocked by the depth of the newly revealed hollow rot in the Executive Branch, calls to impeach Biden have increased, with a Twitter hashtag trending, #BidenRemorse, for people who voted for Biden but now regret it. VP Kamala Harris, in a report from former Fox News producer Kyle Becker, reportedly was heard screaming “You will not pin this shit on me!” as she declined to go on Face the Nation to address Afghanistan.

Harris is now exiting stage left from DC headed to Singapore.

Biden Administration spokesman John Kirby told CNN yesterday that the Administration has no plans to help Americans hiding in Afghanistan get to the airport to be evacuated.

As the Biden administration’s position weakens, state legislatures may hold he key to pushing through impeachment proceedings, and adding unlawful approval and forcing of dangerous substances to impeachment articles.

A single article could read:

  • “For disastrous grant through the FDA of emergency use authorization, for substances which immediately displayed alarming numbers of deaths and adverse events possibly related to the drugs.”

State legislatures may pass resolutions directing their congressmen to support an impeachment resolution, either binding or unbinding. Organizations such as RightToRefuse.Org have so far successfully passed state laws against “vaccine” passports and mandates in 14 states. RightToRefuse.Org welcomes new members in all states.

Another organization, which has created an online tool for easily writing to all of one’s state legislators at once.

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