Watch CNN LIE for Chinese Communist Party That Wuhan-Fauci Virus Could NOT be Man-Made

Keep repeating: The coronavirus “vaccines” are “safe and effective.” Hydroxychloroqine and Ivermectin are dangerous, and could not have saved hundreds of thousands of US lives. Coronavirus is the Spanish Flu. Bioengineered, deliberately released COVID is a BASELESS conspiracy theory. Watch Wolf Blitzer and Drew Lewis smear Steve Bannon and exiled Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan for saying what now the Biden administration has admitted, and opened an investigation for: the COVID virus was man-made.

CNN Headline: ‘Shoddy’ coronavirus study linked to Steve Bannon (View in Bitchute)

Not Just Man-Made. Deliberately Man-Made and Deliberately Released

According to Dr. Li-Meng Yan, now vindicated.

Fauci has been caught red-handed approving the grants for banned gain-of-function research to the Wuhan lab in China – which may have given COVID its high transmissibility. Now it’s time to ask, what else is major media lying about?

Below images: NIH documents dates, amounts, and grant numbers for gain-of-function research funds to Wuhan lab, approved by Anthony Fauci, from Steve Hilton investigation  (Source)  (click for larger image) See: “State Dept. Confirms Wuhan Lab Link to Chinese Military, NIH Grants Approved by Fauci Exposed

(click for larger image of below)

A CNN Study in Fake Media

Notice this CNN report never addresses the science, nor is the tone one of collegial discussion. No hedging language typical in science admits even a small possibility of the opposing view being correct. Focused on irrelevancies and associations, it is a hit piece.

To keep waking up read: “US State Department Documents: Chinese People’s Liberation Army Sought COVID Bioweapons in 2015


BLITZER: In the meantime, we have a CNN investigation new information coming in into a conspiracy theory about the origins of the coronavirus that’s been eagerly promoted by allies of President Trump. Our Senior Investigative Correspondent Drew Griffin is joining us right now. Drew, you found what a direct link to former President Trump strategist Steve Bannon, is that what I’m hearing?

DREW GRIFFIN, CNN SENIOR INVESTIGATIVE CORRESPONDENT: That’s exactly right. A disinformation campaign, you might call it, all linked to a Chinese scientist in hiding who’s just everywhere on conservative media, Wolf.

GRIFFIN (voice-over): It is a right wing fueled conspiracy theory pushed to millions of Americans.


GRIFFIN (voice-over): Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese scientist in hiding but appearing everywhere on right-wing media and claiming her two research papers prove the virus that causes COVID-19 was created in a Chinese lab and is a Chinese bioweapon.

DR. LI-MENG YAN, VIROLOGIST, WHISTLEBLOWER: It is a modern bioweapon in an unrestricted way.

GRIFFIN (voice-over): But a CNN investigation has found shoddy citations, questionable sourcing and so many scientists who say it’s bunk. Yan’s paper is not a credible scientific work, but it is directly linked to one of Donald Trump’s former top strategists, Steve Bannon.

STEVE BANNON, FORMER CHIEF STRATEGIST TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Do you believe that a super spreader or someone was actually sent and somehow is been focused on the White House or focused on President —


GRIFFIN (voice-over): That 100 percent comes from Chinese billionaire in exile Miles Guo, who’s using his money and Brannon’s media expertise to try to discredit the Chinese government. Bannon and Guo appear together on Bannon’s podcast, fill the pages of a website called Gnews and began to nonprofits together.

The Rule of Law Society and Rule of Law Foundation. These are the groups who say they support Dr. Li-Meng Yan and appear on the top of her research reports. Columbia University Virologist Angela Rasmussen says the papers are scientific junk.

ANGELA RASMUSSEN, VIROLOGIST, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: Anybody with an actual background in virology or molecular biology who reads this paper will realize that much of it is actually nonsense.

GRIFFIN (voice-over): CNN spoke to a half dozen scientists who say Yan’s papers are filled with half-truths, not scientifically tenable. One who even met with him and said her first study wasn’t plausible. University of Michigan Professor Anna Mapp says the paper lacked a basic obligation to scientific practices.

ANNA MAPP, PROFESSOR OF CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN: But it’s also really disturbed to see such a shoddy piece of work. GRIFFIN (voice-over): And CNN could find no trace of Yan’s three co- authors in the U.S. or China. Yan didn’t respond to tell us why, but a source tells us that those three co-authors are pseudonyms for U.S. based Chinese scientists who fear using their own names, but the source offered no proof.

Miles Guo thought (ph) Li Yan’s work is Yan’s work, independent of any editorial control by me, Steve Bannon offered no response. Yet there is more about Yan’s work. Some of the sources of her research appear not to be credible. Amanda Peiffer, who’s getting a PhD in Chemical Biology first alerted CNN to issues with the citations at the very end of Yan’s paper,

AMANDA PEIFFER, CHEMICAL BIOLOGY PHD CANDIDATE, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN: People who aren’t experts, people who aren’t scientists, people who really haven’t done anything, these are not coming from credible sources. I think that’s really concerning.

GRIFFIN (voice-over): A CNN analysis finds Yan citations include a paper that appeared only as a post on LinkedIn. A report written by a person that CNN cannot locate, running a company that does not seem to exist. Three of the citations that link to posts on a website opposed to genetically modified food. Then there is Citation 23, which links to anonymous blog posts published back in March. Parts of Yan’s papers appear to be pulled directly from these anonymous blogs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don’t want to say copied and pasted, but it almost has that same effect.

PEIFFER: They took the exact same figures, the exact same phrasing and the exact same captions and put those into the report that was Yan’s paper. And that does not happen in science.

GRIFFIN (voice-over): And guess where one of those blogs first appeared months before Yan’s paper, Gnews, the disinformation new site link to Steve Bannon and Miles Guo.

RASMUSSEN: And as much as I hate to think of the idea of competent scientists using their work for political propaganda, to me, that’s what this seems to be.

GRIFFIN: There’s just no information, Wolf. This is anything more than just made up disinformation. What’s frightening is, millions of Americans may be being fed this disinformation and actually believing it. Wolf?

BLITZER: You’re absolutely right. Excellent reporting, Drew, thank you so much for that report.

And to our viewers, stay with us. So, we’re about to go live to Philadelphia when the former President United States, Barack Obama begins his remarks at a drive-in rally for Joe Biden. We’ll be right back.

CNN Wolf Blitzer, Drew Griffin Hit Piece Analysis

Typically in scientific discussion, if a citation or any other point is unclear, the challenging scientist asks for clarification. If the response is not satisfactory the challenging scientist may press the objections publicly. In this case CNN found a young PhD candidate, an Amanda Peiffer, not even a professor, to make a charge of plagiarism. Then, still never having addressed the science but rather engaged in a salvo of ad hominem attacks and innuendo, including link to a website committing the sin of being “opposed to genetically modified food,” Griffin, not a scientist but a newscaster, ends with the summary judgement that: “What’s frightening is, millions of Americans may be being fed this disinformation and actually believing it.”

Thus the CNN piece which bills itself as an “analysis” is nothing more than a smear worthy of the propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party, written to stomp on, in the most ruthless, disingenuous manner, any discussion on the COVID virus being man-made.

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