US Congresswoman Presses for Criminal Charges Against Gov. Cuomo Over Nursing Home Deaths

Soon after a report by Democrat and Cuomo ally NY Attorney General Leticia James confirmed the transfer of thousands of COVID patients into New York nursing homes just before the pandemic took off, a NY congresswoman and other GOP officials are calling for a criminal investigation.

On page 35 the NY AG report concludes:

“On March 25, DOH [Department of Health] issued guidance providing that “[n]o resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the nursing home solely based on confrmed  or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. Nursing homes are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or re-admission.”

NY AG Report excerpt below on transfer of COVID patients, CLICK HERE FOR LARGER IMAGE    FULL REPORT PDF

The report is the first time that criticism of Cuomo over the matter has come from a member of his own party, from an ally he has been viewed as close to.  The Buffalo News reports that Cuomo is getting “little help from his fellow Democrats.”

Buffalo News piece says:

“Attorney General Letitia James was given important political assistance by Cuomo in her successful quest to become attorney general in 2018 after Eric Schneiderman resigned in disgrace. He raised money for her, took her on a government trip with him to Puerto Rico and, since she became attorney general, Cuomo and James appeared to enjoy a close public relationship.”


The NY AG report is entitled “Nursing Home Response to COVID Pandemic.”  US Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY), told Fox News:

“In terms of following federal guidance, it is very clear that Governor Cuomo made the decision to put forth his executive order on March 25 requiring nursing homes to accept positive COVID patients, regardless of their ability to isolate those patients and have proper PPE …”

Although the Trump DOJ in the person of US Attorney General Bill Barr announced, last August, a federal investigation into the matter, nothing ever came of it.

On March 25th, Cuomo, who is known as a micro-manager who involves himself in all major decisions, ordered that COVID tests not be required for recovering COVID patients before they were sent into, or re-admitted, into NY nursing homes.  This was at a point in time just before the number of deaths turned exponential, the most feared moment in a pandemic.

The COVID crisis in late March and early April was largely a New York City crisis.  Coincidentally, on the same day, on March 25th, Bloomberg reported that New York City had bought 45 refrigerated trucks in anticipation of a surge of deaths.

Two weeks later, the NY Post reported the news that shocked the nation, of COVID deaths in NYC so high that the city was forced to use refrigerator trucks to manage the overflow of bodies.

In a remarkable feat of foresight for Cuomo, the refrigerator trucks were all ready to go, precisely at the moment they were needed.

In a previous internal report, the Cuomo administration exonerated itself, saying that the peak of deaths in nursing homes took place before the transfers.  But in one of its major findings, the state AG report discovers that the administration had undercounted nursing home deaths.

From March 25 to May 8, 6,326 hospital patients were admitted to 310 nursing homes.  By June 25,000 people, the majority over age 75, had died in New York State.  Combined with the greater metropolitan area of New Jersey, where Gov. Phil Murphy gave similar orders, this represented nearly half of the nation’s deaths reported as COVID at the time.  
If there is one characteristic of the COVID-19 virus which has been announced repeatedly, it is transmissibility.   Nursing home executives pleaded with Cuomo not to admit patients who had tested positive, or were suspected of being positive for a then little understood virus.
On April 23 the New York Post reported that a nursing home executive said:
“Cuomo has blood on his hands. He really does. There’s no way to sugarcoat this,” 
Although the numbers of people who have actually died of COVID are hard to come by, due to the openly-stated policy, of government health authorities, of counting any death “with” COVID as being “of” COVID, it is clear that media messaging is calculated to generate the maximum amount of fear.
Last April Dr. Deboroah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force said:
“to mark it as COVID-19 infection the intent is right now that those if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID-19.”
Reports that this is now the “deadliest year in US history” are shockingly disingenuous, since the US population is also the highest in US history, and it is to be expected that the most people ever, 330 million, would also generate the most deaths ever.
At present, 40,000 additional deaths each year are normal as a result of the aging Baby Boomer demographic bulge.
Moreover, as many scientists and doctors have argued, a broad range of policies have made the death toll far higher.
Among these:
  • A study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the “Woolf study,” estimated that 20% of excess deaths over and above previous years were due not to COVID, but to the effects of the lockdown.  Medical News Today reported:

“Some people who never had the virus may have died because of disruptions caused by the pandemic,” says Dr. Steven H. Woolf, the director emeritus of the Virginia university’s Center on Society and Health and first author of the study. “These include people with acute emergencies, chronic diseases like diabetes that were not properly cared for, or emotional crises that led to overdoses or suicides.”

What Cuomo accomplished, along with other governors who instituted what can only be termed as criminally insane orders, was to ensure that the curve was not flattened, but made as steep as possible.  
If the death toll is to be believed, then therein may lie a major reason for the severity of the pandemic, which but for the April-May spike, might have played out as a very bad flu season.  
It is true COVID can have bad after-effects, but so can flu.  
If the media were honest in its reporting, CNN would be reporting on the audit finding 40% of death certificates for COVID deaths not being COVID, or on the murderous policies of Gov. Cuomo and other governors in “spiking the curve.”  
The exact opposite of flattening, for which Americans are still living in masked, isolated darkness, and losing everything.
With images of refrigerated trucks dealing “shock and awe” to the American public, agreement to lockdowns and curtailment of rights, surpassing even wartime, was easy.
The American public, indeed the world, deserves answers to a few other questions.  As the value of the US dollar and the largest employer of Americans, small business, has been demolished, a small number of the elite’s strategists and planners, people like Klaus Schwab, have spoken of a “Great Reset.”  
In that Reset, other former government officials like Dr. Ron Paul and Catherine Austin Fitts have warned, all money is digitized, and doled out according to a “social credit” score, a system already utilized in China.
Approaching the start of the New Year with a gimlet eye, people ordinarily averse to “conspiracy theories,” such as that Jeffey Epstein was murdered, must admit the possibility that somthing else is going on, besides the mismanagemnt of a pandemic.
The following two chapters in this essay are intended to give a notion of what that may be.  [end]

…and it will be called COVID-21.

Prof. Dolores Cahill received her PhD in Immunology from Dublin City University in 1994. She was group leader of the Protein Technology Group in the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics, Berlin, and is Professor of Translational Science at the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Sciences.

COVID19 is a 99.4% to 99.8% survival rate virus, the death toll for which a team of researchers in one state found may be inflated by as much as 40%.  

Video: Professor Dolores Cahill: Why People Will Start Dying A Few Months After The First Mrna Vaccination

Will be Blamed on COVID

Prof. Cahill says, importantly, that not only will recipients of vaccines start dying in great numbers, but that instead of being taken as a sign for caution, the deaths will be blamed on new and different types of coronaviruses, feeding into a deliberate program to create panic and hysteria.

Many doctors and scientists have warned against taking the experimental vaccines.  (Also See: “The Coming Genocide of Adverse COVID Vax Reactions, and Who to Blame for It”)

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Pittsburgh, writes in a science paper on previous efforts to develop coronavirus vaccines:

“In SARS, a type of “priming” of the immune system was observed during animal studies of SARS spike protein-based vaccines leading to increased morbidity and mortality in vaccinated animals who were subsequently exposed to wild SARS virus. The problem, highlighted in two studies, became obvious following post-vaccination challenge with the SARS virus…”

As explained by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., founder of Children’s Health Defense:
“Scientists first attempted to develop coronavirus vaccines after China’s 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Teams of US & foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs. Researchers had seen this same “enhanced immune response” during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1960s. Two children died.”

An audit of death certificates shows that COVID death numbers are being inflated, possibly to induce people to take the vaccines.  

In an audit of nearly 3,000 death certificates, a team in Minnesota led by a medical doctor found that 40% of deaths being labeled as COVID were not COVID, but from other primary causes as diverse as flu, heart attacks, car accidents, a drowning, and gunshot wounds. (See: “Death Certificate Audit Shows COVID Deaths Inflated by Possible 40%, Calls for National Audit.“)

The CDC reports that so far that COVID vaccinations have so far caused over 3,150 reactions which have rendered people “unable to work,”  or perform “daily activities”.  In a recent count, 181 people have died soon after taking the experimental drugs, according to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS.)

The doctors and scientists’ warning have fallen on deaf ears in the US government, as Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci calls for “100 million” vaccinations in the US in a few months.

Comparisons to Spanish Flu Neglect Population Difference

COVID is now being compared to the Spanish Flu, because the US reported death toll is allegedly 400,000, but this neglects that the Spanish Flu was nearly a magnitude worse in per capita terms, as the population of the US was about 100,000 million at the time, less than one-third of today, and the death toll was nearly 700,000.

Better comparisons are the 1957 Asian Flu and the 1968 Hong Kong Flu, the latter of which, in that same summer, the country had the largest mass gathering in US history, Woodstock.

More on this: The Coming Genocide of Adverse COVID Vax Reactions, and Who to Blame for It


Bill Gates Critic Ron Paul Shut-Down from Facebook After “Great Reset” Article

Ron Paul, who recently wrote an essay warning of an end-game for the coronavirus outbreak which is for human control purposes, has been banned from communicating with his millions of Facebook followers. The mild-mannered former congressman, presidential candidate, and family physician has been a perpetual thorn in the side of big Wall Street banks, and oligarchs such as Bill Gates.

As one digs in for a reason, a number of interesting recent posts from Dr. Paul emerge.

In a message on Twitter Dr. Paul wrote:

“With no explanation other than “repeatedly going against our community standards,”  @Facebook has blocked me from managing my page. Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified.”

Dr. Paul joins another former high government official, Catherine Austin Fitts, in detailing a plan to use mandatory vaccinations as a gateway into people’s bodies for the purpose of connecting them to artificial intelligence control and surveillance platforms.  Fitts was Assistant Secretary of Housing and Human Development under President George HW Bush,

Dr. Paul wrote on January 4th in “Oppression… The ‘Great Reset’ is about Expanding Government Power and Suppressing Liberty,”

“World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has proposed using the overreaction to coronavirus to launch a worldwide “Great Reset.” This Great Reset is about expanding government power and suppressing liberty worldwide…The Great Reset will dramatically expand the surveillance state via real-time tracking. It will also mandate that people receive digital certificates in order to travel and even technology implanted in their bodies to monitor them.”

Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum , a gathering of the world’s most powerful people which meets in Davos, Switzerland to discuss future trends and initiatives, is the mastermind of the “Great Reset” which is presented as a response to environmental crisis.  However, in his July 2020 book “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” Schwab readily admits that COVID is a “mild” disease which nevertheless serves the purpose of instituting undreamed of controls over humanity.   Schwab writes that Covid-19 is:

“one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years…the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health and mortality will be mild compared to previous pandemics”

Dr. Paul said in his article:

“The Great Reset involves a huge expansion of the welfare state via a universal basic income program. This can help ensure compliance with the Great Reset’s authoritarian measures….We are told the lockdowns are ordered because of a virus that poses no great danger to a very large percentage of the American public. Yet, instead of adopting a different approach, politicians are doubling down on the failed policies of masks and lockdowns. Meanwhile, big tech companies, which are already often acting as partners of government, silence anyone who questions the official line regarding the threat of coronavirus or the effectiveness of lockdowns, masks, and vaccines.”

Schwab and Bill Gates

Schwab and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

Bill Gates Fingerprints on all Aspects of COVID and New Control Technologies

As far back as April, Dr. Paul pointed out that Gates, a private citizen who nevertheless is one of the world’s richest men, has been the driving force behind worldwide forced vaccination programs for a decade.  Gates says that “proof” of vaccination will be needed to allow life to go on as normal for individuals, saying in one of a relentless campaign of interviews since the COVID outbreak last Spring:

“eventually there will be sort of this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global re-opening up.”

In one of Dr. Paul’s widely-viewed, regular online broadcasts his show pointed out that Gates was a key financial backer of a tattoo-like digital identification record which could store vast amounts of data on each person under the skin, readable by a scanner. wrote in 2019:

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the team’s research, which was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday.

According to a Scientific American story, the project came about following a direct request from Microsoft founder Bill Gates himself, who has been personally involved in efforts to eradicate polio and measles through vaccinations.”

Below: Dr. Paul Paul Show on Bill Gates

The Gates Foundation has funded the initiative the  “Decade ofVaccines,” One of the talents tapped by Gates to drive the initiative is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Last April Fauci was the subject of a Newsweek expose’: “Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research.”   

Recently Fauci and others have been reciting that if only everyone in the nation wore masks consistently, 130,000 lives could be saved.   The study which makes this conclusion comes out of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, which is also heavily funded by Bill Gates.

Masks severely hamper interpersonal connection and exchange of emotion, and reinforce a crisis atmosphere.  It is difficult for people to connect, and perhaps organize a resistance, under mask and social distance rules.

Bill Gates also gave nearly $8 million to Imperial College Professor Neil Ferguson, author of the now discredited report which forecast over 2 million dead in 2020 in the US if it did not lock down and implement mask laws.   The report is entitled “Report 9 – Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand.”

in Belgium, a lawsuit is underway which names both Gates and Ferguson as defendants in a scheme to defraud the public by the criminal exploitation of the COVID crisis.

Despite a carefully crafted image that Gates is a late-life billionaire who is now giving away his fortune, Gates’ net worth has been steadily climbing as his giving has increased.

In India, a committee of investigation found that thousands of girls, whose families were illiterate, were maimed by vaccine trials funded by Gates of Gardasil, an anti-HPV vaccine made by Merck, in which Gates had investments.

The credible India Economic Times reports:

“The committee found that…In many other cases, thumbprint impressions of their poor and illiterate parents were duly affixed onto the consent form. The children also had no idea about the nature of the disease or the vaccine.”

This is potentially in violation of principles established at the Nuremberg Trials, following the trial of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, that no experiments could be conducted on a person without their fully informed consent.

Gates could be prosecuted on these ground alone, by any duly sworn prosecutor in any nation that is signatory to the Geneva Conventions.

Dr. Paul’s Views Dovetail with HW Bush Administration Official Catherine Austin Fitts.  Fitts Lays Out The Great Reset and How to Stop It 

Catherine Austin Fitts is an investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President George HW Bush.   Secretary Fitts describes how the push for a mandatory universal vaccination program is a gateway to global enslavement of most of humanity.

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Klaus Schwab, chairman of World Economic Forum

Ron Paul for President 2012 college rally

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