Leaks Show Chinese Communist Party Infiltrates Pfizer

Only 6% of the Chinese population are members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who thus make up a political elite bound to unquestioning obedience to the one-party state.  Party members are rewarded by lifetime privileges and perks, and advancement in society.  Those who are sent abroad are likely to be the most highly educated, capable of loyalists to the Chinese government.

For all intents and purposes, Chinese nationals who are CCP members must be considered agents of the Chinese government.

Reports on the leaks are still early, but the UK Daily Mail reports:

“Detailed analysis by MoS of the material reveals that pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and AstraZeneca – both involved in the development of coronavirus vaccines – employed a total 123 party loyalists…” (Also see Epoch Times: “CCP Members Hold Positions at British Consulates, Major UK, US Firms: Leaked Database”)

Chinese nationals inside vaccine companies are likely top scientists, managers, and executives.  If they are members of the CCP they are under directs orders from their Chinese superiors.

CCP members are required to pledge their loyalty to the Party. To become a member, people must first take an oath with their fist raised, while reciting that that they must “carry out the Party’s decision, strictly observe Party discipline … be loyal to the Party … and never betray the Party.”

Party members may hold secret rank in the Peoples’ Liberation Army.   For service to the party, members become the country’s future leaders, top generals, and wealthiest businessmen.

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Peoples’ Liberation Army

Thus the unprecedented leak that members of the elite political cadre have infiltrated western vaccine makers, who will be distributing COVID vaccines to US military, is significant.  The long-term effects of COVID vaccines will not be known for years.  Yet US officials are pushing to have as many Americans as possible vaccinated as soon as possible.

China has taken an extraordinary interest in the US presidential election, and was one of the first to congratulate Joe Biden as “president-elect.”  The historic leak follows hard on the heels of a statement by General Michael Flynn today, former US Defense Intelligence Agency director under Obama, alleging foreign interference in the most recent US election.

General Flynn said in remarks on the Maria Bartiromo show:

“We have serious, serious foreign influence with Dominion Voting Machines.”


“We have conclusive evidence of foreign influence in US election right now.”

In one of election integrity lawsuits filed by attorney Sidney Powell, known as the Kraken lawsuits, a witness describing himself as former intelligence officer states:

“the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020”  (Page 9 complaint)

Powell has still not revealed who the filer of the affidavit is, who says he has a military intelligence background.   Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a story about a man who claims he is the witness, codename “Spider,” and who says he has no real intelligence  background. But Powell told the Post that she cannot confirm the man is “Spider.”

Business Insider reported:

“On Friday, Powell told The Post: “I cannot confirm that Joshua Merritt is even Spider. Strongly encourage you not to print.” She added, about his description as an intelligence analyst: “If we made a mistake, we will correct it.””

Regardless, some of the exhibits used by “Spider” can can confirmed from the public domain by anyone versed in Internet sleuthing. In Georgia as well, in one of Powell’s lawsuits, it required a court order to prevent election officials from destroying Dominion machine evidence, i.e. scrubbing the drives on the machines of software, programming, and data.

The following are excerpts from the affidavit.  FULL AFFIDAVIT    FULL GEORGIA COMPLAINT

“Dominion Voting Systems Corporation in 2019 sold a number of their patents to China (via HSBC Bank in Canada)…Of particular interest is a section of the document showing aspects of the nature of the patents dealing with authentication:”


“Dominionvoting is also dominionvotingsystems.com, of which there are also many more examples, including access of the network from China. The records of China accessing the server are reliable.” 


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Hoover Institution Fellow Steve Hilton, NIH Documents: Fauci Funded Wuhan Virus

Independently corroborating sources now suggest beyond a shadow of a doubt that the COVID-19 virus was man-made in the China Wuhan lab, with research funding which was approved by Dr. Anthony Fauci, through a conduit in New York, even after President Obama had ordered all funding for such research to stop.

The 2014 Obama order was “Doing Diligence to Assess the Risks and Benefits of Life Sciences Gain-of-Function Research.”

Obama was heeding a call by hundreds of the world’s leading scientists who said that the dangers of this type of research far outweighed any benefits.

Below; Obama administration 2014 order (click for larger image)

The Chinese Wuhan lab, like all institutions in China, is under the control of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese military.

Although Newsweek reported last spring that Fauci was behind funding directed from the NIH to the Wuhan lab for “gain of function” research, journalist Steve Hilton has uncovered NIH documents which show multiple reports of chimeric research of the precise kind which would result in a virus with COVID-19 characteristics. Hilton is a former advisor to British Prime Minister David Cameron and visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.

Hilton revealed the documents in a two-part “Special Investigation” broadcast on the Fox channel, both embedded below…. FULL ARTICLE


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